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Duty of Care Questioned in Pedestrian Accident Claim in Colorado

Under Colorado law, plaintiffs must prove several things in claims of negligence. First, is that the defendant owed a duty of care to the plaintiff at the time. Once established, it must be determined this duty was breached. Lastly, a causal correlation existed between the defendant’s breach and the injuries incurred. Negligence may be demonstrated through an action, or a failure to take action, which leads to injury recoverable by the plaintiff. Whether a defendant owes a duty is a
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Vicarious Liability – Defective Vehicle (Product Liability)

This is the fourth (final) part of our series involving vicarious liability. This legal concept potentially makes a vehicle owner liable for the negligent actions of another party, despite not being directly involved. We first looked at when a parent is liable for injuries caused by their child while driving, which involves the Family Car Doctrine. Next, we looked at employer liability for the negligence of their employees (respondeat superior) when operating in the scope of their employment. Lastly, we analyzed
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