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Acura is a is a manufacturer of luxury vehicles and is an offshoot of the Japanese auto manufacturer Honda. The brand is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, however, the brand was launched in North America in March of 1986. The brand offers a number of types of vehicles, including sedans, SUVS, and a sport hybrid vehicle. Acura took a brief decline in popularity during the late 90s, but following a series of redesigns and newly introduced models in the early 2000's, the brand has undergone a resurgence in popularity, with the RDX, MEX, and TLX models reaching best seller status in 2015-2016. Acura vehicles are highly popular in North America, and are often considered to be easier to afford, yet stylishly functional alternatives to higher end luxury cars.

Acura Recalls, Malfunctions And Similar Issues

Because Acura is a subdivision of the auto manufacturer Honda, the two companies will often have recalls that coincide with one another. In addition to this, many models will have parts shared with one another's similar vehicles. This, in turn, often means that what Honda finds wrong with one of its parts, may also lead to an investigation into a similar model in Acura that may make use of that same part. In fact, many times it is Honda that initiates recalls, that will happen to affect certain Acura models. At present, there are a number of active recalls on-going with the Acura line of vehicles, some of which coincide with issues on-going with Honda vehicles. Acura and Honda typically resolve these problems by notifying consumers and connecting them to their local dealership that may replace parts or install fixes to prevent these issues from occurring.

Airbag Defect

Honda and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have issued a recent alert to consumers regarding a defect in certain older models. The defect occurs in the airbag of certain models of Hondas, and the '02-'03 Acura TL, and the '03 Acura CL. There is a manufacturing defect in the airbag function, causing the airbag to rupture. The airbag is a crucial safety measure in any vehicle, and a malfunction in this feature can lead to catastrophic consequences for those involved in auto accidents. Honda Spokesperson has stated that approximately 70% of the affected vehicles have been repaired, however, the company has asked drivers to stop driving the affected models and seek repairs immediately. Approximately 313,000 are affected by this defect.

Rollaway Risk

Honda has also issued a recall on the 2013 Acura RDX model due to a rollaway risk. There is an issue dealing with the automatic shift-lever that has the potential to cause parked vehicles to roll away when parked. The problem is particularly prevalent in winter weather, during below-freezing temperatures, where the mechanism that positions the car may be moved from the "Park" position into another without having to press down the car's brake pedal. The shift-lever recall affects over 204,5000 vehicles, some of which belong to Honda's main line. Honda has offered install a specific braking mechanism to ensure that this problem does not occur for the affected vehicles.

A separate recall has also been issued for the 2015 Acura TLX. This recall pertains to this model specifically and affects 9,500 vehicles. The issue stems from a problem in the transmission of these vehicles where the transmission may not properly shift into "Park." If drivers do not apply the manual parking brake, the car may roll away, which can in turn cause an accident. Honda has offered to do inspections, and if necessary, replace the transmission with a working one.

Braking Issues

A recall has been imposed on the 2014-15 Acura MDX and RLX models due to an issue pertaining to the automatic braking system used in the vehicle's collision detection and mitigation feature. The car has the potential to begin applying the brakes suddenly. The system relied on the detection of metal, however, it would activate if a driver was nearby certain metal structures such as highway guard rails, or metal fences. This could lead to an accident, especially in busy traffic. Approximately 19,500 vehicles are affected by this recall, however the source of the problem pertains to the car's software, and the software may be updated at a local Acura dealership.

Seatbelt Defect

Honda has also issued a recall affecting close to 43,000 vehicles for the Acura models 2014 RLX and 2014-15 MDX. The company has cited that the seatbelts may not function in low temperatures, and will be locked in the retracted position. The company is urging drivers to take action before the cold weather begins. A seatbelt, even more so than an airbag, is a crucial safety feature of any motor vehicle. If the seatbelt cannot be worn, a driver's likelihood of injury is significantly increased, even if the airbags are working properly.

Acura Safety Ratings

While the Acura series has some recalls going on, the brand itself has received favorable ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The IIHS rates several Acura models overall with a "G" for good, however it should be noted that many of the models have also received "M" for marginal on certain aspects, such as roof strength and strength of headlights. This indicates that while overall, many of these vehicles are safe, there are still some areas that ay be improved upon for the maximum safety of the driver and passengers in the vehicle. Also it is important to remember that because Acura is an offshoot of Honda model, when a safety issue arises or recieves a poor rating a Honda, it is likely to also affect one or more models of the Acura as well.

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