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Audi is a Germany-based auto manufacturer that specializes in the design, production, and distribution of a distinct line of luxury vehicles. Audi as a company has technically been around since 1910, however, complications with post-World War II Germany and the Cold War eventually led to the company's acquisition by the larger Volkswagen group, with several early Audi models being rebranded and reintroduced as Volkswagen models. Audi has since become a significant name in the realm of luxury vehicles, with many of its models offering higher end engineering as well as specific "luxury" features. Audi manufactures several models, all which are named with letters and numbers, but the company mostly specializes in smaller vehicles such as coup├ęs and sedans, with a handful of SUV crossover models. In addition Audi also manufactures a few sport racing vehicles and has featured a number of its vehicles in racing circuits, some of which are available for general public purchase. Audi is a popular brand in the United States, rated number one in a USA Today report on the top 30 car brands in the nation.

Audi Recalls, Malfunctions And Other Known Issues

Because Audi's parent company is the Volkswagen group, the two auto companies have vehicles that share much in common. In fact, some older Audi models tend to have much in common with Volkswagen models. For this reason, it is common to see Volkswagen issue recalls on vehicles for both lines. In addition, though Audi's models are somewhat distinct in appearance from models of Volkswagen, the two often share parts, and thus, when certain Volkswagen vehicles are affected by defects or malfunctions on a parts level, certain models of Audi may also be affected.

Airbag Issues

Currently Audi of America has issued a recall on the Audi models A4, S4, and Allroad vehicles for the years 2013-2015 models. The vehicles themselves do not have any defects in manufacturing or design, however, an error in the vehicle's computer software can prevent the front seat airbags from releasing in the event of a crash. Airbags are a prominent safety feature in all vehicles, and their failure to activate in an accident can cause a tremendous risk of injury or even death to drivers and passengers in the front seat. Audi is urging owners to take their vehicles to their local Audi dealerships for a software update. The company states that approximately 101,900 vehicles are affected by this issue.

Fuel Tank Issues

Volkswagen Group issued a recall that affected certain Volkswagen models and the 2012-2013 Audi A7 models. In addition, the Audi models 2011-2012 S4, S5, Q7 and the 2012 A6 are affected as well. The recall concerns a potential defect in the fuel-injection system that may cause a leak, which may in turn cause a fire. Volkswagen and Audi have offered to replace the specific parts in vehicles that are affected, and vehicle owners may do so at local Volkswagen and Audi dealerships. The company also informed vehicle owners that they will be able to notice a fuel smell if there is a problem. The recall affects 26,008 vehicles in total across all models.

Braking Issues

Volkwagen of America has also initated a recall on a small number of 2013 Audi Q7 SUVs for an issue affecting the vehicles braking. This recall also only affects the Q7 models equipped with the 3.0 liter diesel engine. The problem deals with a valve in the engine that may become contaminated with plastic debris, which would then allow engine oil to leak into the vehicle brake boosting system. If this occurs, the system would rupture and malfunction which would cause the system to stop working, potentially increasing accident risk. The company has offered a replacement of the vacuum line that affects the valve. The company will also conduct any replacements necessary if engine oil has affected the brake booster system. The recall only affects 1,814 vehicles.

Sunroof Issues

Volkswagen of America has alerted vehicle owners of the 2013-2014 Audi A8 and S8 models of a recall related to the vehicle's sunroof. The company stated that due to an error in production, the glass in the sunroof has the potential to shatter when the vehicle is subjected to sudden jolts or impacts. While glass can shatter in an accident, the affected glass is sensitive enough to shatter at smaller impacts, such as when a door is slammed or if a driver hits a pot hole or bump. If the glass were to shatter while the vehicle is in motion, the driver or passengers could be injured, or the distraction could cause an accident. Audi has offered to replace the sunroof glass at local dealerships. Volkswagen has stated that just 1,120 vehicles were affected by this production error.

Audi Safety Ratings

Audi has received a number of favorable safety ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety across several of its models. Many of its models have safety features that receive the highest rank, "G" for good, from the institute. Of note in particular is the A4 Cabriolet, an older convertible model that has received less than favorable safety ratings on its head restraints and seats, and the safety of the sides of the car, which have received a "P" for poor, and "M" for marginal, respectively. Overall, however, a majority of the models in Audi's collection have generally favorable safety ratings from the institute.

Automobile defects can have a number of effects on a vehicle. Because of Audi's relationship with Volkswagen, the two auto manufacturers often must alert both of their consumer bases, as what affects one model may affect the other company's similar vehicle. Auto defects can cause accidents if they are not resolved by the manufacturer. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of an auto defect, contact attorneyJeremy Rosenthal today.

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