Auto Defects: Product Liability

Auto Defects: Product Liability

Each year, in the United States alone,car accidents account for over 30,000 deaths and over 2 million injuries. While most car accidents are caused by inattentive drivers or unexpected road conditions (or a combination of both) a small portion of these accidents are caused by auto defects that are out of the control of the vehicle’s operator.

If you’ve been involved in this type of car accident, now is the time to seek legal advice. You will want need an attorney familiar with these types of automobile accident claims, particularly one who has the trial skills to take on the automakers in a courtroom setting.

Determining a Defect in an Automobile

In some car accident cases, like a car catching fire while being operated, it’s easy to determine that a defect in the car itself was most likely to blame. Unfortunately, these are the exceptions, not the norm. For most car accidents, it’s simply not possible to determine if the accident was caused by a defective part in the automobile without a trained professional conducting a thorough investigation of the evidence.

This is another reason it’s advantageous to consult with a personal injury lawyer about your car accident claim. Experienced car accident attorneys recognize when something about an accident isn’t adding up and often that intuition leads to a defective automobile.

The most common types of accidents that might be traced back to a manufacturer’s defect include:

  • Rollovers
  • Fires
  • Tire blowouts
  • Steering mishaps
  • Computer System Failures
  • Transmission
  • Sudden Acceleration

The above list of problems are commonly seen and are often a direct result of manufacturer defects. Determining if a defect was present at the time of the accident will rely on expert counsel and the help of a lawyer that is willing to go to great extents to determine the true cause of the accident.  Attorney Rosenthal, experienced in all aspects of auto accident litigation, is exactly the man you want for the job if you’re in this predicament.

The Introduction of an Expert

Experts will use their immense experience to determine the cause of the accident and may also recreate the accident. Oftentimes, certain vehicle makes and models will be known for their defects.

One big-named manufacturer was recently held liable in the deaths of many drivers due to the vehicle’s accelerator getting stuck.

Experts are the ones who will do the research needed to determine if this is an isolated incident or widespread problem.

Knowing Your Rights

Product liability laws ensure that the American consumer is protected by a certain level of safety. When driven under the proper operating conditions, a vehicle should not cause an accident or lead to death. If a tire was not manufactured properly and popped or a seatbelt’s mounts were not strong enough and caused a person to be ejected from the car causing severe injuries, this may be an auto defect that could have been avoided.

Every state abides by a law which allows anyone that is injured under the scope of product liability laws to seek compensation. If a loved one died because of an auto defect, this would also introduce wrongful death liability.

Product defects and liability are a very difficult area of law that require an experienced lawyer to help you make your claim. When a product has caused you or your loved ones harm, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to make you whole again.

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