Automobile Defects & Failures


An automobile is one of the most important purchases a person will make in their life. Whether it is driving off of the lot of a dealership, or a car bought from an individual, there is normally an expectation that the vehicle should be in at least some working order. This is especially the case when a person purchases a new car from a dealership. A new car should be in working order for years to come. No one expects their car to be riddled with defects and malfunctions coming right out of the dealership. In addition to this, defects can be incredibly dangerous to both drivers and passengers.

Auto Defects & Product Liability In Colorado

Cars are complex works of machinery. Each automobile is a delicate work of engineering with multiple parts dependent on one another's proper function. Even some slight malfunctions can severely impact the car's proper functioning. On top of this, many malfunctions may stem from one problem. On the road, a person's car may cause an accident as a result of its malfunction. Or worse, in the event of an accident, investigations may show that a seatbelt, airbag, or other safety feature had critical defects related to it. These defects carry catastrophic consequences and can frequently cause serious injury, and may even be life-threatening in an accident.

Product Liability Cases In Colorado

Many times, injuries caused from these automobile defects may be pursued in the court of law. A common method for taking legal action against auto manufacturers is a product liability case. These types of cases hold companies responsible for distributing and creating products that are defective, or that have errors in their manufacturing process. Unlike a majority of personal injury cases, which are pursued on the general principle of negligent acts by a person or entity, product liability cases must be sought out on certain terms. These include:

  • Defects In Manufacturing: A defect in manufacturing occurs in the stage when the automobile is being made, and can typically be attributed to factory error. This is common when certain parts of the vehicle are improperly installed, or perhaps parts don't function correctly due to the way the car was built.
  • Defects In Design: Claims regarding defects in design act on the idea that the car was not ever fit to be used in the first place by its very design. Examples of this may include airbags that were manufactured properly, but do not function properly anyway.
  • Failure To Warn: These cases are not typically common for cars, due to the nature of the product, however, if an auto manufacturer fails to instruct drivers that using functions of the car may lead to accident or injury, a case may be pursued.
  • Breach Of Warranty: Cars are required to come with a warranty for their usage. This is especially true of new cars purchased at a dealership. If a dealer or manufacturer cannot fulfill the warranty, there may be cause for legal action.

Automobile defects can carry dreadful consequences for those that fall victim to them. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of an accident caused by an auto defect, contact attorney Jeremy Rosenthal today.

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