3 Back to School Driving Tips for Young Drivers

3 Back to School


Fall is upon us and school is in full swing. That means textbooks, homework, early wake ups, and of course, driving to and from school. Whether you are an older student parking at school, or a parent dropping off and picking up, getting to school is a careful navigation around both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Keep you and your (or your children’s) classmates safe this school year by exercising extra caution when driving to and from school. If you’ve been injured in an accident, contact a Denver car crash lawyer to discuss your case.

Back to school driving means lots of traffic of all kinds. Cars, buses, and pedestrians, and every motorist must be mindful of all three.

  1. Be extra cautious and aware whenever you approach a school. Cars may stop suddenly to drop off or pick up students, so give yourself a wide margin in case you need to slow down in a hurry.
  2. Follow the traffic rules and directions for pickup and drop off at your child’s school. They are in place to maximize efficiency and safety, and breaking them could put a child or teacher at risk. Never double park when dropping off a child as it could limit visibility and increase the risk of an accident.
  3. If you’re behind a school bus, get ready to stop. When a school bus is stopped with a deployed stop sign, it is your legal obligation to stop no matter what side of the road you are on. This is to keep kids who are loading or unloading extra safe as small children may dart into the street unexpectedly. Failing to stop for a school bus is dangerous and illegal, and could net you an expensive ticket and points on your driver’s license.

If you are a high school student driving to school, or a parent dropping off at a high school, be prepared to contend with a lot of young and inexperienced drivers. Young drivers may drive too fast, ignore school zone safety, or forget to signal before turning. Be prepared for this sort of traffic and keep a safe distance between cars in order to accommodate it. If you are dropping off younger child at an elementary or middle school, drive slowly and always be ready for erratic behavior from a small child. When passing a group of children waiting at a bus stop, drive slowly and make eye contact if possible. Watch out for kids who are walking or biking to school and always follow school zone speed limits.

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