Colorado Drivers Are Reported as Having Terrible Driving Habits

Colorado Drivers Are Reported

The Denver Post reports that Nationwide Insurance recently used a device which is installed on vehicles to track a driver’s habits that may signify dangerous vehicle operation such as abrupt braking and rapid acceleration. The findings indicate that Colorado drivers tend to rapidly accelerate much more than drivers in other states. The Thursday morning work commuters demonstrated the most aggressive driving, followed by those driving on Sundays. Colorado is among several states with overly aggressive drivers including Washington D.C., New York, Arizona and Pennsylvania. The research was based on 40,000 drivers in Nationwide’s program.

Quote Wizard, a site which offers insurance comparisons, says Colorado was ranked 8th in terms of poor driving. Their research considered reports on vehicle accidents, driving while intoxicated incidents, as well as citations such as speeding. Allstate Insurance, who also did a recent study, reported findings as follows:

  • Denver was the 131st safest city for driving from a pool of 200 cities
  • Drivers in Denver averaged a span of 8.2 years between insurance claims compared to the national average of 10 years
  • Incidences of “hard braking” occurred 20 times per 1,000, which was close to the national average of 19 per 1,000
  • The traffic congestion along Interstate 25 for the roughly 15-mile segment from Colorado Boulevard to 84th Avenue was found to be among the top 50 in the nation

The volume of auto insurance claims in Colorado is continuing to rise. According to Carole Walker of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Association, claims are becoming more frequent and more severe. The cost of the individual claims is the most obvious example of this trend. The Colorado Department of Transportation shows that fatalities rose 12% last year and that litigation costs associated with accidents spiked.

Unfortunately, the roadways in Colorado are expected to become more crowded and dangerous in the coming years. By 2040, the volume of traffic in the state between 2-4pm will be equivalent to the 4-6pm period that we currently have. Analysts stated that early-afternoon wrecks will begin to have devastating effects when not cleared and will make the commuting hours extremely rough. With the rising population, the state recognizes the need to expand and develop larger and more efficient roads for travel; however, the budgets are very tight and will be insufficient to maintain pace. In addition, there is political pressure not to raise much-needed taxes to pay for such projects.

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