Colorado’s Most Dangerous Intersections

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Driving can be dangerous, and the trickiest part is often navigating through and around your fellow motorists. Because there are so many cars with so many competing interests, intersections are a prime location to be involved in a car crash. Next time you're on the road, take extra caution at every intersection, and beware of Denver's most dangerous intersections. If you've been injured in an accident, contact a Denver accident attorney as soon as possible.

Local news source Westword published a list of Denver's most dangerous intersections based on an analysis of reported accidents. Keep them in mind so you know when it's time to be extra cautious:

  1. Monaco Parkway and Hampden Avenue
    This popular intersection handles heavy traffic 7 days a week. Near it are several strip malls and a much used I-25 exit. If you are going through this intersection, watch out for lots of merging traffic.
  2. Colorado Boulevard and 6th Avenue
    These cross streets are at the heart of area traffic. The intersection connects to a major throughfare to several other major area intersections. This means lots of traffic all the time. As Westword reports “more than 18,000 vehicles cross this intersection during rush hour every day.”
  3. Colorado Boulevard and Mexico Avenue
    Traffic from several popular stores nearby combined with traffic from I-25 makes this a popular and dangerous intersection. It can be especially slow going during lunch hours and after work, which are “peak shopping hours.”
  4. University Boulevard and 1st Avenue
    This intersection is extremely busy almost all of the time. In fact, it is rankedas “the single most dangerous and highly trafficked intersection in Colorado” by many traffic experts. There are lots of opportunities for unnecessary collisions at these busy cross streets, so if you can take an alternate route, you should.
  5. University Boulevard and Hampden Avenue
    This is part of an increasingly popular route for area commuters. Its high traffic volume and lengthy wait times can lead to frustrated drivers, which means distracted motorists and increased odds of a collision.
  6. Colorado Boulevard and Alameda Avenue
    This intersection has lots of lanes and is always busy. Nearly twenty thousandcars pass through each day during rush hour.
  7. Colorado Boulevard and Hampden Avenue
    This route is popular among commuters from area suburbs, and serves a highly trafficked local golf course. All of this activity leads to almost 20,000cars passing through during high volume traffic times.
  8. Colorado Boulevard and 17th Avenue
    This dangerous spot is difficult to navigate with large amounts of commuter and zoo traffic combining for a traffic nightmare.

Next time you are in any one of these busy intersections, make sure you're paying close attention. More cars means more opportunities for collisions. Minimize any distractions and be ready for significant wait times. Don't give way to frustration and allow it to effect your driving, you will get where you're going in time, and an accident will never make you get there faster.

If you've been in a serious accident and have suffered injury due to another driver's negligence, contact a traffic lawyer to discuss your case. Jeremy Rosenthal has over a decade of experience and success fighting for his personal injury clients. He's ready to diligently represent you through every step of the civil litigation process. Call 303 825-2223 today to schedule your consultation.

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