Colorado’s Thanksgiving DUI Crash Prevention Project

Colorado’s Thanksgiving DUI Crash

Colorado remains diligent in their efforts to impede alcohol-related crashes and the potential injuries and fatalities they produce. During the Thanksgiving holiday, many are on breaks from work or school and attend social gatherings. Historical data shows that during this holiday span, a legion of drivers under the influence of alcohol are out on the roads. This year, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), the Colorado State Patrol (CSP), and others statewide executed their “The Heat is On” roadway safety program.

This program in late November resulted in the arrests of a staggering 518 drivers believed to be operating under the influence of alcohol. This was on the heels of the Halloween holiday where slightly over 300 were arrested. These sobering results show that far too many individuals are drinking and getting behind the wheel as summarized in the report:

  • Colorado State Patrol: 64 arrests
  • Aurora Police Department: 69 arrests
  • Denver Police Department: 57 arrests
  • Colorado Springs Police Department: 38 arrests

According to the Office of Transportation Safety, the number of traffic fatalities within the state has risen in 2016. Over one-in-three deaths involving motor vehicles involves an impaired driver. Scott Hernandez, chief of the CSP, feels that “every impaired driver taken off the road is potentially a life saved”. The Heat is On campaign employed several ways of enforcement including sobriety checkpoints, saturating areas of high risk, and significantly increasing the number of patrol vehicles on the roads.

CDOT Mobile Device App

CDOT has continued its innovative plans for increasing safety with further development of their “R-U-Buzzed app”, which is available through the App Store and Google Play Store. This application boasts over 500,000 downloads in the existing English version. In November, the application became available in a Spanish language format, geared toward reaching the large number of Spanish speakers in CO. The calculation in determining approximate blood alcohol levels is based on the volume and type of drink consumed, in relation to the individual’s weight and gender.

Colorado’s Dangerous Drivers

The Denver Post shed some light on how the state’s drivers compare in a national comparison. Colorado ranked 10th worst in speeding violations, 11th worst in DUI arrests, and secured the #1 spot in traffic citations, which includes failure to signal, running a red light and driving without a seat belt. This data is may help explain the recent increases in auto insurance rates.

Those getting behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol put themselves and others on the road at risk. If you were injured as a result of the careless or reckless decisions of another driver, you deserve rightful compensation for your losses. At The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal, they are prepared to take on those responsible, and the insurance companies that defend them. Make the call to the office today for a review of your case.

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