Convenience to Catastrophe: Carbon Monoxide & Key-Less Car Ignitions

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The car industry has made significant advancements with regard to modern vehicle technology aimed at making your driving experience more convenient and safer. Global positioning systems (GPS) installed directly in your dashboard, cameras located on the rear of your vehicle that warn you of obstructions and side-view sensors that notify you if it is not safe to pass or switch lanes are all among the newest features. Another popular technological development is the keyless, push-button car ignition that allows you to enter your vehicle and start your vehicle without a traditional key. Rather, you simply push a button to start your car.

Keyless car ignitions are becoming widespread making traditional keys obsolete. In fact, these keyless car ignitions now come standard in over 245 car makes/models and are optional features in another 31 makes/models. However, the technology may not be all that it is cracked-up to be.

Since late 2009, there have been at least 19 reported deaths caused by keyless car ignition systems and hundreds of injuries. Specifically, keyless ignitions have led to carbon monoxide poisoning in drivers who forget to turn their ignitions off. Because most keyless ignition systems allow users to enter their vehicles and hit the ignition button by carrying a fob on them, some drivers seem to think they can just pull their car into the garage and carry the fob inside with them to turn the car off. This is not the case. After you put your car into park, you must still press the ignition button to turn your car's engine off. Otherwise, your engine will remain on until the gas tank is empty. When you close the garage door and your car's engine is not off, carbon monoxide builds-up due to emissions from your vehicle's exhaust. Carbon monoxide poisoning is extremely dangerous and deadly.

Though keyless ignition systems may be the way of the future, you must use caution and familiarize yourself with the keyless system of your new car. Always ensure that your vehicle's engine is turned-off, particularly when parking in your garage or other enclosed space. Failure to do so may result in the injury or death of you or a loved one.

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