Covering Initial Medical Expenses After a Car Accident in Colorado

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There can be no doubt about the confusing, frustrating and often painful days and weeks following a serious auto accident. In addition to the literal discomfort and mobility problems victims routinely face the immediate aftermath of a crash, the pressing question of how to pay for necessary care and ongoing treatment begins to weigh heavily on the minds of the injured and their families. The best way to alleviate the feelings of panic so common to accident victims during this time is for them to gain an understanding of how best to cover initial medical expenses and begin pursing legal accountability from those responsible for the harm sustained. Denver car accident lawyer, Jeremy Rosenthal, regularly assists victims and their loved ones in determining the course of action best suited to their particular circumstances during what is inevitably a most trying time in their lives.

Medpay Benefits in Colorado

When sitting in a hospital emergency room, the last thing an accident victim wants to face is the dilemma of how they will afford the costly care their crash has necessitated. However, with regard to short-term expenses, real peace of mind can come from an understanding of the Medpay benefits provided by virtually all Colorado auto insurance policies. This particular type of coverage gives insured parties up to $5,000 in protection for medical bills incurred due to a collision, regardless of fault. Taking advantage of Medpay benefits will not cause the insured’s premium costs to rise and there is no obligation to repay the amounts paid by the carrier. It should also be noted that anyone injured in another person’s vehicle will be permitted to combine that policyholder’s Medpay coverage as well as that provided by their own policy, essentially doubling the funds available to pay initial medical expenses.

Accessing Health Insurance Benefits

Another vital source of payment for initial medical expenses resulting from an auto accident is the victim’s own health insurance coverage. Considering that the vast majority of Coloradans are covered by a health insurance policy, it is important for those hurt in accidents to tap into those benefits in order to avoid crippling financial burdens in the aftermath of their crash. If a health insurance carrier attempts to deny a responsibility to cover auto-related injury expenses, it is critical for insured parties to correct the record by reminding the company’s representative that Colorado now operates under a tort-based auto insurance system and therefore the type of personal injury protection coverage that might typically be accessible in a no-fault jurisdiction is not available to pay medical costs here.

Seeking Comprehensive Medical Treatment

There are, unfortunately, situations in which Medpay benefits are insufficient or unavailable to cover the expenses of an auto accident, and the victim simultaneously has no current health insurance coverage in place. However, a failure to obtain comprehensive medical treatment for the injuries sustained in a crash can ultimately jeopardize a victim’s ability to secure an appropriate settlement down the road. Litigation funding firms do exist for the purpose of providing cash advances to those with promising legal claims, though this solution can be an extremely expensive, albeit sometimes necessary one. For those who lack instant access to the financial resources needed to cover immediate medical expenses after an accident, the guidance of a seasoned personal injury lawyer able to walk victims through available options can prove invaluable.

Crucial Insights and Strategies for Colorado Accident Victims

At the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal, we understand how bewildering a serious injury accident can be and appreciate the profound physical, emotional and financial upheaval that can result. If you need help determining the best way to cover initial medical expenses as you also embark upon your quest for fair compensation, contact us at 303.825.2223.

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