Crocs, Kids, And Escalators Don't Mix

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Escalators are a convenient way for people to get from floor to floor without having to take climb the stairs or wait for an elevator. However, every year people are injured on these moving stairways. According to one study, about 10,000 escalator injuries are treated at emergency rooms every year.

The parents of a young boy who was injured on an escalator while wearing Crocs have filed a lawsuit against the shoe company and the Hawaiian hotel that the convention was at alleging negligence. Flora Kim and David Kang were in Honolulu, Hawaii with their son in September of 2014. The couple was "attending the annual meeting of the American Association of Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons." The family went to the opening ceremony of the convention, which was held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. When they left the ceremony, they went down the escalator. While on the moving stairway, their son's foot "became entangled and sucked into a space between a step and the sidewall of the escalator." The poor boy " traveled almost the entire distance between floors while his foot was painfully trapped in the moving escalator" before someone hit the emergency stop button.

Once the escalator was stopped, their son had to wait "for nearly an hour before a rescue team arrived with [the] proper equipment" to free the boy's trapped foot. His foot was in bad shape after the accident, according to the lawsuit. It stated, "the escalator tore off an extensive section of skin from the toddler's left foot, requiring emergency surgery." The boy had surgery in Hawaii as well as two additional surgeries later, "one to repair skin on his injured foot and one due to complications from the skin graft site." One of the boy's attorneys stated that the boy's foot "was completely crushed and destroyed." The lawsuit states that Crocs is negligent because the "shoes were 'negligently and improperly designed.'" It also states that the hotel was "negligent in maintaining the escalator's safety."

The toddler is not the only child whose foot has been injured while on an escalator. Earlier this year in June, a nine-year-old in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at a mall got his foot caught in the escalator while wearing Crocs. This escalator was stopped by its emergency shut off. According to a news report, the Crocs may have been the reason that the kid's foot got stuck, but his uncle stated that the shoes were also the reason things weren't worse "because it was the rubber of the sho[e] that jammed up the escalator." Unlike with Kim and Kang's son, the boy suffered "only a minor injury."

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