Defining Personal Injury Claims

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The “Personal Injury Law”  label, like “Family Law”, contains such a wide variety of claims that anything more specific would fail to include the entire scope of legal cases that encompass injury claims. There are so many situations where someone’s negligence might lead to another person’s injuries that common sub-categories of personal injury claims have emerged. Denver personal injury attorneys at the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal concentrate on personal injury defense and have more experience with workman’s compensation, slip and fall incidents, car accident injuries or another type of injury making it a good idea to seek an attorney familiar with your specific type of injury. An experienced lawyer with a track record of winning outcomes on injury claims similar to the one you’ve sustained offers the best chance for a positive outcome in your case.

Incidents That Lead to Personal Injury Claims

Incidents that lead to someone getting injured are so varied that it’s impossible to quantify all of them. The most common incidents involved in personal injury claims are:

Injuries suffered due to the negligence of another party are always incidents that can support a personal injury claim. Call my office if you need to file a claim or if you simply have questions about the particular incident that led to your injuries and if a claim is an option.

Typically, injured parties seeking compensation are suffering from:

Like the incidents that lead to injuries, the actual injuries themselves are infinite in scope. If you’re dealing with any of the above or something not listed here, call my office and let’s discuss the next steps you should be taking.

It is important to recognize that negligence or intentional disregard for another’s well being is a crucial component to seeking damages. There are different types of negligence that can lead to personal injury cases including:

  • Medical negligence
  • Unsafe properties (premises liability)
  • Disregard for established procedures
  • Inattention toward traffic rules and regulations
  • Failing to act in a way that a reasonable person should act

In rare cases, personal injury claims may be related to intentional injuries, like:

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Defamation

Do You Have a Personal Injury Claim?

Determining if you have a claim isn’t always cut and dried. Call me today at 303-536-3820 if you want to personally discuss the case you’re involved with and what the best legal steps would be to protect your rights and get the settlement you deserve.

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