Documenting Pain and Suffering

Documenting Pain and Suffering

Personal injury claim documentation

When you are trying to get a settlement from an insurance company after you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, it is generally a pretty straight forward process. A precise amount will be determined for any all medical expenses you have incurred. If it was a car accident, repairs to vehicles or any other property damage will be quantified and reimbursed.

There are several important steps you can take to ensure that you receive a fair and appropriate settlement for your pain and suffering.

However, one thing that’s hard to put an exact price on is the pain and suffering injured parties endure during and after the accident.

How to Document Pain and Suffering

You should try and photograph every detail of the injuries involved. This will give the insurance company an idea of how extensive they are and help them come up with an estimate on what kind of payout is appropriate. Don’t just take pictures the day of, but also every so often as your injuries heal as well. Some injuries to your body won’t become visible or cause any symptoms until later that day or even weeks after the initial accident so prepare to maintain this investigation for as long as it takes.

Keep a Journal of Your Pain and Suffering

Keep an extensive daily record of how you are feeling and how your injuries are healing. Include things like stiffness, soreness, bruising, and any other discomfort that was caused due to the accident. If you return to work and notice that your injuries are causing you to struggle or routine projects are too painful to complete, make sure you document what you were doing and what hurt. Also be sure to include any time off you had to take.

Include documentation of any inconvenience this accident has caused you, such as the inconvenience of having to get an estimate on repairs to vehicle, doctors’ visits, out of pocket expenses, and even having to document and record all of this information.

If pain interferes with your daily activates or you are having trouble sleeping it is important to let the insurance company know. Any emotional or physical distress you experience that is due to the accident can be included in your pain and suffering statement.

Everything is Important

When it comes to keeping track of pain and suffering endured after a car accident, nothing is too small to include. Having a detailed description of every aspect of the accident is essential to making sure you receive a fair settlement offer from insurance companies.

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