How to Document the Scene of an Accident

How to Document the

When you’ve been in an accident, it is natural to just want to exchange information with the other driver and move on with your day. Unfortunately now isn’t the time to be impatient. In fact, at the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal, our Denver accident attorneys recommend that you be as deliberate as necessary, so that you record the accident details as accurately as possible. Properly documenting an accident scene is a critical first step to protecting your legal interests.

If anyone is injured as a result of the accident, seek immediate medical attention from a professional. Do not wait for help if it’s an emergency. Dial 911 if necessary.

What To Document After a Car Crash in Colorado

The most detailed and precise way to document an accident is to take pictures. Having photographic evidence is important for proving the validity of your case. Be sure to take pictures from several different angles and distances so every detail can be seen easily.

Photos of the following will ensure that the insurance companies come up with a fair settlement:

  • damage done to the vehicles
  • weather conditions
  • injuries received
  • road conditions
  • visibility

A few other key things that you should remember are:

  • The speed that you were driving
  • The condition of the road where the accident occurred
  • Any distractions that were present such as pedestrians, music, passengers in your vehicle, talking on a cell phone, or adjusting temperature or volume
  • How the accident happened such as angle that the vehicles struck, directions each vehicle was traveling, and their approximate speed at impact
  • What was said or done after the accident by the other driver, any passengers they had, and any witnesses on the scene

Another important thing to document is your perspective of what happened before, during, and after the accident. Be extremely thorough in your descriptions, no detail is too insignificant. Having detailed documentation of every aspect of the accident will assist you in many ways, including if you choose to consult with an injury lawyer about your claim.

Additional Documentation

Involve the police and file an official report. Be sure to ask them for a copy of their report and record their information, including their badge number and name so you can easily contact them later if necessary. When police are involved they will generally issue a ticket and decide who is likely at fault so their input is invaluable.

Have any witnesses present, who are willing to give their perspective of the accident, write down what they saw. Since it is an unbiased stranger’s account of the situation, it can greatly benefit you to have a witness’s viewpoint on your side. Make sure they also provide you with their name and contact information just in case the insurance companies want their own description of the accident directly from them.

Get a Lawyer Experienced in Accident Claims

If you’re involved in an accident, the last thing you’re likely to think about are the steps necessary to  properly document the scene, which is why Denver personal injury attorney, Jeremy Rosenthal, recommends you print this blog post and tuck it securely in your vehicle so you can follow it in the unfortunate circumstance that you need it! If you have any questions, contact us today and we’ll happily discuss your accident or other injury claim!  (303)825-2223

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