Dog Breeds that Bite People Most Often

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It's important to remember that any dog is capable of biting a human being under the wrong circumstances. Family dogs, hunting dogs, old dogs, small dogs, happy dogs, lazy dogs and your dog can all have a bad moment when instinct takes over and someone gets bitten.

Always practice dog awareness behaviors when you're in the vicinity of dogs and never leave children and dogs together unsupervised.

Which Dog Breeds Bite People the Most Often?

Even though all dogs are capable of biting someone, there are some dog breeds that are more prone to biting humans than others, according to a study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania by Dr, James Serpell. His research team found the breeds most likely to turn aggressive toward humans are:

10. Chows – easily startled, suspicious of strangers and moody

 9. Beagles – excitable, impetuous and prone to distraction

 8.  American Cocker Spaniels – suffers rage syndrome, lashing out without provocation

 7.  Shar-Peis – Chinese guard dogs with an instinct toward protection

 6.  Bull Terriers – bred as ratters with a temperament to match, prone to bossiness

 5.  Jack Russell Terriers – easily bored, tenacious, bred to fight foxes with powerful jaws

 4.  Chihuauas – prone to lashing out at people and other dogs, relentless

 3.  Dachshunds –Bred to fight badgers, this breed shows more violent tendencies toward people than the top two on this list but are limited in the damage they can inflict due to their structure

 2.  Rottweilers – with a jaw force of 328 pounds per square inch, this bite is potentially fatal

  1.  Pit Bulls – responsible for 1/3 or all dog bites in the US and more than half the fatalities, banned in many countries

Which Dog Breeds Are the Most Lethal?

The AVMA reviewed dog bite fatality data in the US from 1979-1988 which revealed the following breeds are most frequently involved when the dog bite is fatal:

t9. Saint Bernard – 7 total deaths

t9. Great Dane – 7 total deaths

8.  Chow Chow – 8 total deaths

7.  Doberman Pinscher – 9 total deaths

6.  Malamute – 12 total deaths

5.  Wolf-Dog Hybrids – 14 total deaths

4.  Husky – 15 total deaths

3.  German Shepherd – 17 total deaths

2.  Rottweiler – 39 total deaths

1.   Pit Bulls – 66 total deaths

Dog Breeds that Bite the Most People in Denver

Last year, 9NEWS in Denver, CO (along with Rocky Mountain PBS) reviewed over 6500 dog bite reports from 2012-2013 in the metro Denver area which showed these dog breeds to be the top biting breeds in the area*:

5.  Bulldogs

4.  Chihuahuas

3.  Pit Bulls

2.  German Shepherds

1.  Labrador Retriever

Were You Bitten by a Dog in the Denver Metro Area?

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*Ranked by total incidents reported. Breed identification is often subjective. These rankings are not official.

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