Driver Distraction on the Rise

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The American Automobile Association commissioned a study at the University of Utah concerning the level of driver distraction presented by voice-controlled technology in new cars, according to NPR. The study concluded that many of the new voice-controlled technologies more distracting than talking on the phone.

Notably, voice-to-text technology which allows the driver to send and receive email without using his or her hands, was determined to create what the researchers described as inattention blindness. The activity cognitively impaired drivers to the point that they were often unable to see hazards even though their eyes appeared to be looking right at them.

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Distraction has always been a part of driving, and it always will be. Talking to passengers, listening to the radio, reading road-side billboards, and just trying to navigate in an unfamiliar place are distracting to drivers, and always have been. However, as time goes by we seem to develop more and more distractions, many of which begin with the intention of making driving safer or more comfortable.

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