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Colorado residents get to enjoy the beauty and recreation of all four seasons, but they also come with necessary adjustments to our driving habits in order to stay safe on the road. It's officially fall, which means the weather and road conditions are changing. Don't forget to adjust your driving habits to keep you, your passengers, and your fellow motorists as safe as possible during this colorful season. If you've been injured in a bad weather accident, contact a Denver personal injury lawyer to discuss your case.

Everyone knows that winter weather requires special accommodations behind the wheel, but don't take for granted fall weather driving preparations. For starters, fall brings “sun glare.” In the fall, commuters often find themselves on the road when the sun is closest to the horizon. This can create a dangerous sun glare, blinding drivers to anything in front of them. Fall also brings changing and dropping leaves from Colorado's abundant landscape. Fall foliage can be dangerous in a few ways. First of all, after dropping off of a tree and experiencing a rainfall, dead leaves can make for a slippery road and difficulty stopping or slowing down. Residents or tourists may slow down unexpectedlyto enjoy the natural beauty, which causes obvious problems for unsuspecting drivers behind them.

Fall generally sees an uptick in wildlife activity due to mating and migration patterns. Be prepared for deer or other animals trying to cross the road, especially at dawn or dusk. Fall weather can be temperamental. Fluctuating temperatures and a wealth of precipitation often leads to fog. This limits visibility for drivers and can be dangerous. To stay safe driving through fog, use your headlights or fog lights. Never turn on your brights, as they “diffuse and limit visibility.” Fluctuating fall temperatures can also lead to decreases in your tire pressure. Check your tire pressure often during fall months to maintain adequate and even pressure and maximum safety. Low tire pressure can increase your risk of a blowout and an accident. As always, concentrate on the road and minimize distractions whenever you're behind the wheel.

If you've been injured in a bad weather accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Jeremy Rosenthal is an experienced accident lawyer, ready to fight for you. Submit a basic form on our website to schedule your free consultation.

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