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There is no greater feeling than hopping on a motorcycle and hitting the open road. The invention of the motorcycle has given people a sense of freedom and adventure like no other. However, this newfound sense of freedom comes with great responsibility. Motorcyclists must be extra cautious when driving and always be aware of their surroundings. Unfortunately, regardless of how careful a motorcyclist is, there are always other drivers on the road who are not paying attention, and Colorado motorcycle accidents can happen. If you or someone you know has been in a motorcycle accident, it is important to contact a Fort Collins motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible.

At the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal, we have represented many motorcycle accident victims. We understand the challenges that motorcyclists face on the road and are dedicated to fighting for the rights of our clients. From the initial consultation to the final resolution of your case, we have mastered the art of motorcycle accident law and will apply our best practices and lessons learned to your case and ensure justice is served.

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Why Do Motorcycle Accidents Happen in Fort Collins?

Many reasons subject motorcyclists to more dangers on the road. Some are:

  • The specific size and weight of motorcycles make them less visible than other vehicles on the road.
  • Motorcycles have a higher center of gravity which makes them more susceptible to toppling over.
  • Most motorcycles do not have airbags.
  • The lack of an enclosed space on a motorcycle means that riders are more exposed to the elements and more likely to be ejected from their vehicle in an accident.

Aside from the physicality of motorcycles, there are also human factors that contribute to a motorcycle collision:

  • Speeding. Driving at high speeds is one of the most common motorcycle accidents. When speeding, it becomes more difficult to navigate turns and traffic, increasing the chances of an accident.
  • Driving under the influence. Riding a motorcycle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is extremely dangerous and illegal. Not only do substances impair a rider’s ability to operate a motorcycle, but they also make it more difficult for other drivers to see the motorcyclist. Additionally, a sober motorcyclist also runs the risk of being hit by a drunk driver.
  • Distracted driving. With the increasing use of cell phones and other digital devices, distracted driving has become a leading cause of car accidents. Distracted driving is any reckless activity that takes a driver’s needed attention away from the road. Distracted driving is extremely dangerous because it reduces a driver’s reaction time in the event of an emergency.
  • Reckless driving. Reckless driving is any behavior that disregards the safety of others on the road. This can include tailgating, weaving in and out of traffic, making illegal passes, or running red lights. Reckless driving is often the result of aggressive driving, road rage, or simply not paying attention to the road.
  • Road hazards. Poorly maintained roads can also lead to motorcycle accidents. Potholes, debris, and uneven pavement can cause a motorcycle to lose control and crash.
  • Poor weather conditions. Bad weather can make it difficult for both drivers and motorcyclists to see the road. Rain, snow, and ice can make roads slick and hard to navigate.

These are just some of the many factors that can contribute to a motorcycle accident. It’s important to be aware of how other motorcyclists have been involved in accidents so that you can take steps to avoid them.

Common Motorcycle Crash Injuries in Boulder, CO

Due to the lack of physical protection that motorcyclists have, motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries or, in worst cases, a fatal outcome. Some common injuries include:

  • Head injuries. Head injuries are common in motorcycle accidents, but wearing a helmet can help lessen their severity. Head injuries can range from concussions to traumatic brain injuries and can have long-lasting effects.
  • Neck injuries. Whiplash is a common neck injury that occurs when the head is suddenly snapped back and forth. Neck injuries can also occur from being thrown from the motorcycle or from the impact of the motorcycle hitting the ground.
  • Back injuries. Back injuries are common in motorcycle accidents because of the force of the impact. Back injuries can range from fractures to herniated disks and can be extremely painful.
  • Spinal cord injuries. Spinal cord injuries can occur when the spine is damaged in a motorcycle accident. Spinal cord injuries can lead to paralysis and can have a lifelong impact.
  • Arm and leg injuries. Broken bones and road rashes are common arm and leg injuries in motorcycle accidents. These injuries can be extremely painful and can take a long time to heal.

Motorcycle accidents can have a serious impact on both the rider and their family. Any number of these injuries can lead to hospitalization, surgery, and rehabilitation. It’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible after a motorcycle accident.

What Can I Be Compensated for After a Motorcycle Accident?

If involved in a motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Compensation can include:

  • Medical bills. You may recover compensation for your medical bills, both past, and future. This can include hospitalization, surgery, medication, and physical therapy.
  • Lost wages. If you cannot work because of any injuries involving motorcycle accidents, you could recover funds for money you would have earned.
  • Pain and suffering. You might be able to recover compensation for the physical and emotional pain and suffering that you have endured from the accident.
  • Property damage. You could recover compensation for any damage to your motorcycle or other property.
  • Punitive damages. Sometimes punitive damages may be available. Punitive damages are designed to punish the person who caused the accident and deter future accidents.

Each of these types of damages can be extremely valuable after a motorcycle accident. Fort Collins motorcycle accident attorneys can help you understand what types of compensation you may be entitled to and can fight for your ability to earn them.

Steps After a Motorcycle Accident

After a motorcycle accident, there are a few things that you should do to protect your rights.

  1. Seek medical attention. Your health should be your top priority after a motorcycle accident. Even if you don’t think that you’re injured, it’s important to get checked out by a medical professional. Some injuries, like concussions, may not be immediately apparent.
  2. Get contact information. Be sure to get the contact information of the other driver, as well as any witnesses to the accident. This information can be helpful in proving your claim
  3. Take pictures. If you are able, take pictures of the accident scene, as well as any injuries that you have. This documentation can help prove your claim.
  4. Speak to an attorney. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help you understand your rights and options after an accident. They can help you analyze the details of your case and present strong reasoning for why you deserve compensation.
  5. File a claim. Once you have gathered all the necessary information, you can file a claim with the insurance company. Be sure to keep track of all correspondence with the insurance company, as well as any deadlines that they give you.

What steps you take after a motorcycle accident can have a big impact on your ability to recover and earn compensation. Following these suggested steps can help you protect your rights and give you the best chance at a successful outcome.

What Evidence Do I Need to Prove My Claim?

To recover, you will need to prove that the accident was the fault of the other driver. A few pieces of commonly helpful evidence to prove your claim include:

  1. Police reports. A police report can help to establish what happened at the accident scene. They often contain details such as the weather conditions, road conditions, and the exact account of what happened.
  2. Witness statements. Witness statements can help to establish what happened and who was at fault. Document the contact details of any witnesses so that they can be called upon if needed.
  3. Photographs. Photographs can be helpful in documenting the accident scene and any injuries that you have. A photo is a physical piece of evidence that can be used to support your claim and counter any points from the other side.
  4. Medical records. Medical records can be helpful in documenting the extent of your injuries and linking them to the accident. Keep track of all medical appointments, as well as any bills or records that you receive.
  5. Expert testimony. In some cases, an expert witness may be needed to provide testimony about the accident or your injuries. An experienced attorney can help you determine if an expert witness is necessary in your case.

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, there are a few key pieces of evidence that can be helpful in proving your personal injury claim in Fort Collins. Gather as much evidence as possible so that you have a strong case. If you are struggling to gather evidence or don’t know where to start, an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help.

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Assessing the Total Value of Your Claim

After a motorcycle crash, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. These damages can be economic or non-economic in nature. Economic damages have a dollar value, such as medical bills or lost wages. Non-economic damages are seen to be more subjective, such as pain and suffering or emotional distress.

To assess the total value of motorcycle accident cases, you will need to calculate all of the damages you have incurred. This can be complicated, and it is often helpful to work with an experienced attorney. Details they will investigate and consider are:

  • How severe are your injuries? Are you expected to make a full recovery, or will your injuries have long-term effects?
  • What is the extent of your economic damages? This includes things like medical bills, lost wages, and property damage.
  • What is the extent of your non-economic damages? This includes things like pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life.
  • Are there any aggravating factors present? This can include things like hit-and-run accidents or accidents caused by drunk drivers.
  • How are you holding up? Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, or PTSD?

The answers to these questions can help to determine the total value of your claim. An experienced attorney can help you to assess your damages and fight for the full compensation that you deserve.

Boulder Motorcycle Accident FAQs

Q: What do motorcycle accident lawyers do for their clients?

A: Motorcycle accident lawyers help their clients by gathering evidence, negotiating with insurance companies, and fighting for the full compensation that they deserve. They provide the gap in a client’s understanding of the law and help to ensure that they are treated fairly throughout the process.

Q: How can a lawyer help with my motorcycle accident compensation claim?

A: A motorcycle accident lawyer can help with your compensation claim by evaluating the evidence, calculating the total amount of damages, and negotiating directly with the insurance company. They can also help navigate legal proceedings if your case goes to trial.

Q: Should a motorcycle accident victim be treated right away?

A: While it is always advisable to seek medical attention after an accident, it is especially important in the case of a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries, and it is important to get the treatment that you need immediately to avoid further complications.

Q: How much does a motorcycle accident attorney cost?

A: Most motorcycle accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. That means they do not charge any upfront fees and only collect a fee if they are successful in recovering compensation for their client. However, you should discuss the fee arrangement with your attorney before hiring them.

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