Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Colorado


It is difficult to turn on the radio or television these days without coming across an advertisement for a personal injury lawyer promising to score massive monetary awards for his or her clients. Highway billboards bombard drivers with boasts of huge verdicts and sure-fire wins for those choosing a particular attorney. Selecting a legal representative is never an easy task, particularly in the midst of the pain, anxiety, and anguish that can follow accidental harm. Fortunately, by following a few key tips, it is possible for even those with no prior exposure to the legal system to successfully align themselves with a dedicated advocate who will fight tirelessly for their rights.

Experience Matters

When it comes to assessing the strengths and weaknesses of an attorney for a given case, it is important for prospective clients to be personally involved in the interview and selection process. Weighing a personal injury lawyer's experience level is a vital step, but one which is not necessarily as straightforward as it may initially seem. While it is true that a newer attorney may have fewer clients and therefore a greater amount of time to spend on a new case, it may make more sense to choose a practitioner with a demonstrable history of undertaking the same type of representation currently being sought. An attorney with a significant background handling injury claims, particularly those stemming from auto accidents, is likely to possess a deep understanding of how insurance companies and adjusters operate, increasing the chances of obtaining a favorable settlement or resolution of claims.

Personal Service and Prompt Response Time

Another crucial factor to consider when hiring an attorney is the degree of responsiveness and personal attention clients can expect to receive. In order for victims to make informed choices concerning their legal representation and the overall direction of their case, attorneys must be ready and willing to answer questions and concerns whenever they arise. An attorney who demonstrates an ability to work collaboratively with clients to achieve their desired objectives should always move to the top of the list of candidates under consideration. Availability via telephone, email and in person will always be a strong indicator of attorney communication habits and something which should be noted during the screening and selection stage.

Support Staff and Essential Resources

Personal injury matters tend to involve a large amount of documentary evidence, medical testimony and other detailed records which must be meticulously gathered, organized and maintained for presentation to the other side and the eventual trier of fact. Attorneys who lack sufficient support staff may be unable to keep up with the required pace, therefore weakening client prospects for recovery. Because expert testimony from doctors, engineers, and others will also be critical to success in many injury cases, it is also wise to seek an attorney who has access to an existing network of professionals from a range of disciplines who will be able to provide it.

Willingness to Go the Distance

While the majority of injury matters settle out of court, often before litigation ever becomes necessary, there are times when stubborn insurance carriers and defendants make an equitable outcome for the injured party almost impossible to secure. When this happens, litigation and perhaps even trial can be the only way for victims to obtain justice and compensation. Far too many personal injury attorneys are unaccustomed to going to trial and will attempt to convince their clients to settle for less than they deserve. To avoid such an outcome, it pays to hire an attorney who is not afraid to take a case all the way through to trial in order to achieve fairness, accountability and financial recovery for clients.

Unrivaled Dedication to Colorado Injury Clients

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