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Dogs bring a lot into their human companion's lives – love, affection, protection, and more. But owning a dog is a big responsibility, and sometimes an extremely expensive one. If you own a certain breed of dog, you may have trouble renting an apartment or securing homeowners insurance. If your dog has ever bitten someone, or you've made a dog bite claim on your homeowners insurance, it may be difficult to find a provider or to secure reasonable insurance rates. Continue reading to learn more, and if you've suffered serious injury after being bitten by a dog, contact a Denver dog bite lawyer to discuss your case.

When someone is bitten by a dog and pursues civil litigation, homeowners or renters insurance generally covers the damages. Thus, it can be difficult to find an insurance provider or secure reasonable rates when you are deemed a high risk for a potential dog bite claim. You may be an insurance liability if you own an aggressive breed, if you have a dog that's ever bitten someone, or if you've ever made a dog bite claim on an insurance policy. Settlements on dog bite claims can be extremely expensive, and according to a Time magazine article, in 2012 “dog bites accounted for more than one-third of all dollars paid out in homeowners insurance liability claims.” The Insurance Information Institute reports that there are between fourteen and sixteen thousand dog bite claims annually. The value of such claims are trending aggressively upward, with a 55% increase in the average payout from 2003 to 2013. In short: it can be very expensive to insure someone with a potentially aggressive dog.

Many insurance companies around the country have “blacklisted” certain breeds. When an applicant discloses owning a breed on the list, providers will no longer process their application. Some of the most commonly blacklisted breeds are Rottweilers, Akitas, German shepherds, Staffordshire Terriers, and Mastiffs. Owning a blacklisted breed can make it difficult to rent an apartment as well. Apartment complexes must hold insurance, and many exclude residents from keeping breeds of this nature outright in their lease agreements. Some states are drafting legislation against the policy of breed blacklisting that require insurance providers to evaluate risk based on individual dogs instead of entire breeds. If you're considering buying a dog or purchasing a home, research providers and policies in your area. You don't want to end up uninsurable because of your four legged companion.

If you've suffered injury due to a companion animal, contact a  Colorado personal injury lawyer to discuss your case. Jeremy Rosenthal has over a decade of experience and success fighting for his personal injury clients. He's ready to diligently represent you through every step of the civil litigation process. Call 303 825-2223 today to schedule your consultation.

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