How to Deal With a Sideswipe Car Accident in Colorado

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It is inevitable that at some point you will have to take your eyes off the road while driving. Whether it is because you are switching radio stations, turning on the heater, checking your rear view mirror, or inspecting your blind spot before switching lanes, even the safest drivers cannot keep their attention on the road 100 percent of the time. In some cases, this moment of inattention may result in a sideswipe car accident with another vehicle.

Sideswipe Accidents Attorney in Denver

Injuries in a sideswipe collision can often times be severe since cars are generally designed to offer the most protection against head on and rear end collisions. The cars have bumpers on the front and back to help absorb some of the impact while the sides of the car are often free of anything that can lessen the force of the impact. There is also little room between the sides of the vehicle and the passengers inside so damage and injuries are likely to be more substantial. Sideswipe accidents often can lead to another collision with a different car, guardrails, barriers, trees and light posts.

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In many cases, if someone does not immediately claim fault, it can be hard to discover who is to blame in a sideswipe accident. If you are injured due to asideswipe accident and no one is claiming fault, you may need to retain a personal injury lawyer.

Your best chance at proving that you're not at fault in a sideswipe collision is the testimony of an eyewitness. If someone is around that saw the accident happen, be sure to ask if they can give a full statement to either the police officer, insurance company, or both.

Getting a Lawyer

Even though the chance of injury and substantial damage is high in sideswipe collisions, insurance companies may attempt to minimize the accident since both cars were traveling the same direction when they collided. Even when there is significant damage, insurance companies may try and offer you an unreasonably low settlement. A personal injury lawyer can help get you the settlement amount that you deserve.

If an insurance company is trying to downplay your injuries or the damage done to your vehicle and property, you should seek legal advice. If you have any questions or have been involved in a sideswipe accident and need assistance filing a claim with an insurance company, please give us a call today! The experts at The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal can help you if you've been in any type of car accident

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