Keeping Records After an Auto Accident in Colorado

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Auto accidents resulting in injuries and other categories of loss have the potential to produce a series of extremely harmful ripple effects in the lives of those involved. Therefore, it is of critical importance for victims to aggressively assert their right to receive fair monetary compensation for what they have suffered. The fact of the matter is that the success or failure of legal claims following a car accident will often turn on the quality of the documentation assembled on behalf of the victim. Knowing what sorts of records should be retained, organized and assembled in the course of settlement negotiations and/or litigation can be determinative of the outcome, and Denver car accident attorney Jeremy Rosenthal will help ensure that vital evidence is preserved and presented on every client’s behalf.

Accident Information

Considering that Colorado operates under a “fault” or “tort-based” system of auto insurance, it will be necessary for victims to establish precisely who was to blame for their injury accident. In order to do this, it is crucial to request and maintain any police reports generated after the crash. Furthermore, any photographic evidence obtainable at the time, eyewitness statements and even hand-written observations of what occurred can prove invaluable in terms of establishing precisely what went wrong on the date of the accident and whose negligence was responsible for the losses experienced.

Documentation of Medical Care

Another central step in determining the amount of severity of losses stemming from an auto accident involves receiving medical attention for the injuries sustained. Having a baseline condition established in the immediate aftermath of a crash can be pivotal to demonstrating the true impact on a victim’s life. The records and documentation produced as a result of medical treatment are certain to play a pivotal role in a victim’s chances of financial recovery, and it is incumbent upon those individuals to request and maintain records of all therapies, diagnostic reports, prescriptions, treatment summaries and the like. It is also wise for victims to develop an accident diary in which they can record any ancillary effects of their injuries, which could include emotional strain, sleeplessness, depression and other such manifestations of harm.

Income and Wage Loss Records

Though medical expenses may represent the lion’s share of damages in most auto accident claims, lost wages due to missed work can also quickly accumulate in a very serious way. As a result, it is important for accident victims to marshal detailed documentation of their wage rate, tip records (if applicable), and other relevant data that can help demonstrate the true value of what has been taken from the injured party due to the crash at issue.

Attaching Monetary Values to Accident Losses

The categories above are just a few of the realms of loss for which compensation may be available following an auto accident. A seasoned injury attorney will also utilize all available records as a means to construct a comprehensive picture of the totality of damages resulting from the crash. Victims may have suffered a reduction in future earning capacity, serious emotional distress, physical pain and suffering and other types of losses which can sometimes be difficult to quantify. However, by enlisting the aid of economic loss experts and others who can make persuasive valuation arguments on their behalf, victims stand a far better chance of receiving the true amounts they are owed.

Invaluable Assistance Following Colorado Auto Accidents

Knowing what sort of documentation is required to effectively establish a claim for damages following an auto accident can be a challenge. Fortunately, attorney Jeremy Rosenthal is ready to assist injury victims at each stage of the process, ensuring that a comprehensive record of loss is built and ultimately deployed in the quest for fair compensation. To begin the process pursuing recovery in your accident case, contact us at 303.825.2223.

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