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Commercial trucks are vital components of the Colorado economy, but they are also some of the most inherently dangerous vehicles on the road. Most drivers encounter these large vehicles without experiencing any problems, but truck accidents do happen, often with devastating effects. Additionally, these cases not only involve more substantial damages than most other vehicle accident claims but also raise more challenging questions of liability for victims seeking accountability for their losses.

Helping Victims of Truck Accidents Recover in Longmont

The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal offers comprehensive and client-focused legal counsel for a wide range of personal injury cases in Longmont, including commercial truck accident cases. Our team has assisted many victims of commercial truck accidents with their recovery efforts, and we know the challenges you are likely to face as you seek compensation for your damages. Therefore, we take time to listen to each client’s unique story to ensure we address their greatest concerns in their recovery efforts.

Longmont Truck Accident Lawyer

Determining Liability for a Commercial Truck Accident in Longmont

Commercial trucks are much larger and heavier than other standard passenger vehicles. This makes them inherently far more dangerous than most other vehicles on state roads when accidents occur. Therefore, the first step in recovering from any vehicle accident is proving exactly how the accident occurred. When it comes to truck accidents, it is relatively common for more than one party to bear fault for these incidents due to the legal concept of vicarious liability.

This legal mechanism applies to any situation in which one party bears responsibility for the actions of another party, most commonly an employer facing liability for the actions of an employee. For example, while it’s possible for a truck driver to be solely responsible for an accident they caused by failure to adhere to applicable trucking industry regulations or otherwise acting outside of the scope of their job responsibilities, their employer could face liability if an improper background check, incomplete job training, or failure to enforce applicable industry regulations caused the accident.

It’s also important to remember that multiple drivers could bear fault for any motor vehicle accident, including the plaintiff in a truck accident claim. One of the most important reasons to speak with an experienced Longmont truck accident attorney as soon as possible after your accident is to secure the evidence needed to firmly prove fault for the incident. Once you accomplish this, the next phase of your case requires gathering the evidence needed to prove the full scope of your damages.

Compensation for a Truck Accident Claim in Longmont

The purpose of any personal injury claim is to make the victim as “whole” as possible after suffering losses caused by another party’s negligence or intentional misconduct. In the event that a truck accident occurs because of DUI or any other illegal activity, the defendant is likely to face criminal prosecution and professional consequences alongside their civil liabilities to the victim.

The first step in recovering from any vehicle accident is typically filing an auto insurance claim against the at-fault driver. State law requires all drivers to carry liability insurance, and this applies to commercial truck drivers as well. Your Longmont truck accident attorney can assist you in filing your auto insurance claim, but even if they help you secure the maximum amount of compensation possible under the terms of the at-fault driver’s policy, a personal injury claim is likely necessary to ensure complete compensation for all the losses you suffered.

After proving who is responsible for your accident and exhausting your recovery options through available insurance coverage, you can proceed with filing your personal injury claim against the at-fault driver. Any commercial truck accident is likely to cause tremendous losses, and the personal injury laws of Colorado enable you to seek compensation for the following:

  • Property damage. If the at-fault party caused you to incur property losses, such as vehicle repair or replacement costs, they are responsible for fully compensating you for these damages.
  • Medical expenses. If you sustained physical injuries due to the defendant’s negligence or misconduct, they are liable for the full scope of your medical expenses, both immediate and future. For example, many victims of truck accidents suffer severe injuries that need not only immediate emergency care but also necessitate ongoing treatment. Your attorney can help you secure the full scope of medical expenses resulting from your accident.
  • Lost income. Many severe accidents result in injuries that prevent victims from working for extended periods of time. If you cannot work due to the defendant’s actions, they are liable for the income you are unable to earn during this period. Additionally, you have the right to seek accountability for the lost future income you are no longer able to earn if they left you permanently disabled and unable to return to your job.

Having the right Longmont truck accident attorney representing you is the best way to ensure full compensation for all of your economic damages. However, your recovery does not end here. Colorado law allows the plaintiff to seek pain and suffering compensation as well to reflect the physical pain and emotional trauma they experienced. This aspect of your personal injury claim is limited under state law, but working with an experienced legal team can ensure you maximize this aspect of your case award and secure the greatest amount of compensation possible for your truck accident.

When you have a Longmont truck accident lawyer representing your truck accident claim, you have a dedicated legal advocate ready to assist you with every stage of your recovery efforts. Our team has years of experience handling truck accident claims and many other types of personal injury cases on behalf of clients in Longmont and the surrounding communities. Our goal in your case is to help you approach your legal proceedings with confidence and maximize your recovery efforts to the fullest extent possible under state law.

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Truck Accident Lawyer FAQs

Q: How Do I Maximize My Compensation for a Truck Accident in Longmont?

A: The best way to secure as much compensation as possible under the state’s personal injury laws is to secure legal counsel from an attorney you can trust as soon as you can after your accident. When you choose the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal to represent you, our goal is to maximize your case award in the most efficient manner possible.

Q: How Much Does an Attorney Cost for a Truck Accident Claim?

A: The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal offers contingency fee billing for personal injury clients, meaning there are no upfront or ongoing legal fees for our representation. Our fee is contingent upon our ability to secure compensation for your accident, and we only take a percentage of your final compensation after we win your case. If, for any reason, we cannot secure compensation on your behalf, you pay nothing, so there is no financial risk to hiring our team to represent you in your recovery efforts.

Q: What Happens if I’m Partially at Fault for a Truck Accident?

A: Colorado enforces the modified comparative fault rule, so if a plaintiff bears partial liability for their damages, they lose a percentage of their case award to reflect this shared fault. However, the plaintiff must not bear more than 50% fault for the accident in question, or they lose their ability to recover compensation from the defendant. Therefore, as long as their fault percentage is less than this, it will be subtracted from their total compensation, and they will keep the remainder of the case award.

Q: How Long Does It Take to Resolve a Truck Accident Claim?

A: The time required to complete any personal injury case depends on whether the defendant is willing to accept responsibility for the plaintiff’s damages and the scope of those damages. If the fault is clear and you have an experienced attorney helping you, you are far more likely to resolve your claim in a relatively short time. However, if, for any reason, your case proceeds to litigation, this will take much longer to conclude, and a judge will have the final say regarding your compensation.

Q: Is It Worth Hiring a Longmont Truck Accident Attorney?

A: The right legal representation can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your final case award in any civil claim. The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal has helped many past clients in the Longmont area with all manner of personal injury claims, including those pertaining to complex truck accidents. When you consider the difference in your final compensation that your attorney can ensure, it should be easy to see the value of investing in legal counsel you can trust.

The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal offers responsive and compassionate legal counsel for a wide range of civil claims in Longmont, including those pertaining to truck accidents. We know the common challenges victims of these incidents face and the struggles that can impede their recoveries. Our goal in every case we accept is to streamline our client’s recovery efforts however possible and secure as much compensation for their damages as state law allows. If you’re ready to learn how an experienced Longmont truck accident attorney can empower your recovery efforts, contact us today and schedule a free consultation with our team.

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