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The popularity of ride-share services across the United States is exploding. As an example, Colorado’s Uber activity among business travel customers witnessed an astonishing growth of 337 percent in 2015 alone. The concept of offering consumers the freedom and ease to call for a driver and vehicle at a moment’s notice has gained a widespread following, even in the face of troubling questions about the business model itself and the ability to assign liability should an accident occur. Denver car accident attorney, Jeremy Rosenthal, understands the complexities that can plague Lyft and Uber accident scenarios and stands prepared to help victims secure the financial compensation and sense of accountability they deserve.

Circumstances in Which a Lyft or Uber Accident Claim May Arise

It is important to note that it is not only those hiring ride-share vehicles who are vulnerable to serious injury and even worse. Pedestrians, bystanders, and other drivers on the roads are susceptible to accidents involving Lyft and Uber cars. Just as with all types of crashes, the possible list of causes underlying ride-share collisions is extremely lengthy, and may include:

  • negligent maintenance of vehicles
  • driver fatigue
  • driver intoxication, whether by alcohol or drugs
  • disregard for traffic rules
  • excessive speed
  • distracted driving/texting while driving

There can be no doubt that all of the precipitating factors outlined above have the ability to produce debilitating and sometimes permanent harm, and it is critical that those who suffer such losses pursue the monetary recovery to which they are entitled. However, because of the many questions that surround issues of liability in accidents involving ride-share cars, the aid of a knowledgeable auto accident attorney can make all the difference in determining the most effective course of action.

Insurance Coverage and Uber Cars

When it comes to assessing insurance coverage available in the aftermath of an Uber accident, it is necessary to note that in a general sense, Uber provides up to $1 million in liability coverage, in addition to $1 million of uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. However, these amounts only come into play if a driver is logged into the Uber app at the time of the event, raising serious questions as to who is responsible for losses if a collision occurs before or after the driver is officially engaged in Uber-related endeavors.

How Uber Insurance Operates

The aforementioned insurance coverage amounts are only relevant for individuals who sustain harm while riding as passengers in Uber vehicles. Crashes which inflict injuries upon pedestrians, cyclists or occupants of other cars fall outside of this protection, raising the likelihood that such victims will experience significant losses that are not covered by Uber’s policy. Lyft has virtually identical insurance coverage in place, and therefore the same challenges and risks to third-party victims remain. Despite the fact that both Lyft, as well as Uber, have recommended to their drivers that additional coverage is obtained on an independent basis, they are not presently required to do so.

Safety of Ride-Share Enterprises

A growing tally of Americans has become enamored with the convenience of ride-share services, especially those who live in big cities. While most customers of Lyft and Uber have uneventful journeys, recent years have seen an uptick in high-profile accidents that have produced serious injuries and sometimes even deaths. These incidents have put a spotlight on the liability concerns these entities present, calling into question who must pay when someone suffers profound loss due to their operation.

For instance, June of 2016 saw a Philadelphia woman die after being hit by the driver of an Uber vehicle. Litigation was commenced in 2015 on behalf of a pedestrian who died in Manhattan when a driver, himself distracted by the Uber app, caused a collision. In a much-publicized event in late 2013, a six-year-old girl sustained fatal injuries in San Francisco when an Uber driver hit her at an intersection. The company subsequently endeavored to disclaim any liability for what occurred, raising red flags to many observers and consumer advocates. Lyft vehicles have been involved in similar events, including crashes that have ultimately proved fatal, though it has also attempted to limit its exposure to injury claims.

Potential Targets of a Lyft/Uber Crash Lawsuit

There can be no doubt that the attorneys representing Uber and Lyft have taken great pains to draft their companies’ terms of use in such a manner as to shift the risks of riding almost entirely to passengers. Drivers working for the ride-share services are clearly designated as independent contractors, a move meant to underscore corporate disclaimers of liability. It has been argued, however, that as the services have continued to evolve, corporate actors have begun wielding greater controls over those driving for them, moving drivers ever-closer to falling under the category of employees. This could have substantial liability implications going forward for those involved in Lyft and Uber accidents.

Because all auto accidents are extremely fact-intensive circumstances, whether they involve independently owned vehicles or those engaged in Uber and Lyft ride-share services, the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal is ready and willing to launch a thorough investigation of what occurred so that all viable targets of an injury claim may be pursued. In this way, every avenue of recovery will be examined and maximum compensation sought.

Colorado Lyft and Uber Accident Lawyer

The continuing expansion of rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft shows no sign of abating, and the liability questions related to them remain extremely problematic. Due to the fact that ride-share customers and the drivers they utilize may not fully grasp what type of insurance coverage may be available when an accident occurs, victims owe it to themselves to consult with an auto accident attorney who is familiar with the issues presented and who can formulate persuasive arguments and effective legal strategies.

Accidents involving Uber, Lyft or any other ride-share operator can yield life-changing consequences that leave entire families on the edge of ruin. Medical bills, lost income, therapy costs and other unanticipated expenses can quickly become unmanageable, and in such cases, it is essential for victims to fight for the resources they need. To experience unrivaled client service and zealous advocacy in your ride-share accident matter, contact attorney Jeremy Rosenthal at 303.825.2223.

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