Make Your Car Safe with Relatively Inexpensive Add-Ons

Make Your Car Safe

Across the U.S. in 2017 there were 40,100 motor vehicle fatalities, which is just short of the 2016 total of 40,327. Approximately 4.57 million people suffered a serious injury resulting from a motor vehicle accident. Over the last twenty years, we have seen many significant safety features that have become standard equipment in vehicles including airbags, anti-lock brakes, and electronic stability control. The market today has many relatively inexpensive products that are available to add to your overall safety.

Dash Cameras for Accident Documentation

The Yi dash camera is 2.7 inches and provides a 165-degree camera view that is capable of recording three lanes of approaching traffic. The resolution is 1080p and the device generates data in real-time that indicates your speed and the distance between your car and the one ahead. In the event of an accident, these cameras may provide video evidence that could reveal the party that was at fault. The video footage may also assist with expediting the insurance claims process.

Dash Cameras for Insurance Rates & Fraud Prevention

There are many cases of auto insurance fraud across the country, many of which may involve “staged” accidents. Dash camera footage of an accident can be provided to an insurer so they can better investigate. Preventing fraud is a means of ultimately lowering insurance rates for everyone, as FBI data shows that roughly $40 billion is lost to fraud each year. Some auto insurers in the United Kingdom are offering discounts for motorists who install a dash cam.

Rear License Plate Camera

A waterproof and high-definition rear license plate camera is now available from Sky. Data indicates that hundreds are killed and thousands injured from drivers backing into them each year. The most likely victims are children and the elderly. SUVs and other trucks tend to have the largest “blind spots”. A rear backup camera can increase visibility by approximately 90% for drivers.

Onboard Vehicle Diagnostic Device

The Autel AutoLink is a portable vehicle diagnostic detection device that plugs into the vehicle’s OBD-II port. These ports are increasingly accessible in newer vehicles. The device is capable of immediately detecting problems that exist with your vehicle. This port is what auto repair facilities have traditionally used to determine what is malfunctioning.

Driving Gloves

Affordable driving gloves are available from Pratt & Hart in a variety of sizes. Most truck drivers recommend wearing gloves for several reasons. The leather on the glove acts as a barrier that reduces the wheel vibration that often causes fatigue in the hands. In addition, they provide an excellent grip on the steering wheel and allow you better control when turning the wheel.

Travel Beverage Container

A new Autoseal travel mug has been developed by Contigo that can increase driver safety while maintaining the temperature of your beverage. Spilling a mug of hot coffee on your lap while driving can present obvious safety concerns. This mug has an automatic sealing function where you press a button to sip the beverage and it seals again upon release. It is said to be 100% “spill and leak proof” and fits the vast majority of vehicle cup holders.

Car Jump Starter

According to AAA, over 7 million people contact them for roadside assistance each year. Avoid having a dead car battery interrupt your day and create potential safety concerns. Several portable vehicle battery charging kits are now on the market. These are capable of recharging your battery without depending on another source of electricity. Keep in mind that the summer heat can be equally as hard on your battery as the winter cold.

Safety Hammer

IPOW has developed a safety hammer that could assist you in the event of a serious car accident. Often people may be trapped in their car if a severe collision constricts the vehicle interior. This product has a razor sharp blade that will allow you to cut off a seat belt, while the other end has a hammer that can be used to break a car window if necessary to exit the vehicle. One scenario where breaking the window may be necessary is if your car were submerged in water; the pressure may make it impossible to open a door.

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