Most Sensitive Areas of the Spine

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A healthy spine is truly the “backbone” of our existence. A spine in good health allows our brain to communicate with our body and vice versa, and gives us the strength and flexibility to live our everyday lives. Damage to the spine cause severe, lifelong disability. As the World Health Organization reports, one of the leading causes of spinal cord injury is motor vehicle accidents. If you've suffered a spine injury after a car crash, contact a Boulder catastrophic injury lawyer to discuss your case.

The spine is a complex and delicate combination of bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves. The bones are extremely strong, meant to support the human frame and protect the spinal cord encased within them. In addition to strength, the spine must maintain extreme flexibility in order for people to maintain the optimum range of motion. Despite its vital importance, spinal injuries are common. Between 250000 and 500000 people sustain spinal cord injuries worldwide each year. Some of the leading causes of spinal injury are car accidents, falls, and violent assaults. Spinal cord injury sufferers deal with serious disability and limited range of motion. In addition, “people with a spinal cord injury or two to five times more likely to die prematurely than people without a spinal cord injury.”

Another sensitive area of the spine are spinal “discs.” Discs are the tissue between spinal vertebrae. They act as “shock absorbers” and as connective tissue. Injury to the spine may result in “degenerative disc disease” – which can cause chronic pain and limited mobility. Common symptoms of damage to the spinal discs include pain flare ups of differing severity. Pain from injured discs may be so severe that it is completely disabling, although this is relatively rare. Usually, pain will come in waves or episodes that last between a few days and a few months. It's important to visit a medical professional as soon as possible. Prescription drugs and physical therapy can help sufferers regain mobility and diminish pain.

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