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Car accidents are always stressful, traumatic situations, following which victims may begin to doubt whether they will ever be able to receive justice and compensation from those responsible for their harm. When the accident at issue involves multiple vehicles and drivers, that concern can be even more pronounced. Circumstances in which several different motorists sustained damage to their person or property can prove incredibly complicated, and untangling liability is often a true challenge. Denver accident attorney, Jeremy Rosenthal, understands the unique dilemmas that can and often do arise in the aftermath of a multi-vehicle accident and stands ready to negotiate with insurance carriers and, when necessary, initiate litigation against negligent drivers.

Common Multi-Vehicle Accident Scenarios

Those who watch the local news with any regularity are likely familiar with the chaotic scenes that tend to follow multi-vehicle pile-ups. The loss of control that ensues during a chain reaction accident can be truly terrifying, and the physical impact is often severe. While the potential reasons behind multi-vehicle accident of this type are seemingly innumerable, there are several scenarios which seem to be more common than others. Among the most typical causes underlying multi-car crashes are:

  • loss of control due to treacherous weather conditions/icy roads
  • distracted driving or drowsy driving
  • driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • high-speed chases involving law enforcement
  • dangerous tailgating in heavy traffic
  • ill-advised lane changes
  • the inability of heavy trucks to make sudden stops
  • sudden braking that leads to rear-end chain reaction collisions
  • loss of visibility due to fog causing interstate pile-ups
  • crashes occurring at busy intersections

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that sharing the roads with other drivers often places us at the mercy of their skills, attentiveness, and care. When one driver’s error leads to a cascade of bad decisions, the harm can accumulate quickly.

Typical Categories of Injuries in Multi-Car Accidents

As is the case with any type of vehicle accident, the physical and emotional effects of a multi-vehicle accident can be profound. Given the immense weight and velocity at play in collisions involving several cars or trucks, it should come as no surprise that the harm sustained by motorists and passengers is often life-altering. Some of the more common types of injuries sustained include:

The potentially catastrophic injuries, the necessity of costly ongoing medical care and the inherent liability questions yielded by a multi-vehicle crash often serve to create a feeling of hopelessness among those affected. Multi-vehicle accident attorney Jeremy Rosenthal understands these sentiments, and pledges to get the bottom of what happened so that responsibility can be properly and accurately apportioned.

Determining Liability in Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Establishing fault in a typical accident can be difficult enough, but when several different vehicles are involved, the task becomes exponentially more arduous. In order for victims to stand the best chance of securing the full amount of financial recovery they deserve, it is critical that a thorough investigation of the facts be commenced as soon as possible following the event itself.

All efforts must be made to preserve valuable evidence. Photographs from the scene, eyewitness statements, police reports, and other key documentation will prove crucial in establishing liability and attributing it to the appropriate drivers. Medical records and other proof of damages will also play an invaluable role in obtaining the compensation victims need to move forward. Jeremy Rosenthal will leave no stone unturned in his effort to marshal the most comprehensive arguments possible on behalf of his clients and will tirelessly advocate for their right to recovery for the losses sustained.

Securing Fair Compensation and Accountability

Interactions with auto insurance carriers are rarely pleasant experiences. The unfortunate truth is that the role of any adjuster is to do anything and everything to limit the amount ultimately paid on a claim. This fact can make the aftermath of any accident extremely exasperating for victims who want nothing more than to simply to receive the funds to which they are entitled.

When the accident in question ensnared multiple drivers and thus multiple insurance policies, the situation grows even more complicated. With everyone attempting to place blame on someone else, the claims process often becomes so entrenched that payment of much-needed compensation is delayed indefinitely.

Jeremy Rosenthal will work diligently to uncover the facts of the collision, identify responsible parties and pursue swift payment of claims. Should litigation prove necessary in order to secure the full amount of damages sustained, clients of the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal can rest assured that they will receive the zealous advocacy they deserve.

Comparative Fault in Colorado

It is important to note that Colorado has instituted a modified comparative fault system in apportioning responsibility in cases including auto accidents. As a result, if litigation ensues following such an event, a jury will be asked to determine the entire amount of damages that may be recoverable in the case, the percentage of blame attributable to each party and how much (if anything) those parties are entitled to receive.

It must be noted that under this system of compensation, anyone who sustains losses in a crash but is deemed 50 percent or more at fault for the accident will be prohibited from receiving compensation. Therefore, it is critical for accident victims to enlist the help of a skilled Denver personal injury attorney who can conduct a meticulous review of the facts and establish fault with the degree of accuracy necessary to achieve a just outcome.

Trusted Help for Colorado Accident Victims

Even under the simplest of crash scenarios, an multi-vehicle accident has the potential to up-end the lives of entire families. When the incident at issue involves multiple drivers and murky assessments of fault, the situation can appear that much more bleak. Attorney Jeremy Rosenthal is committed to providing clients with the legal insights they need during times of real crisis. For a no-cost consultation to discuss the details of your case, contact us at 303-825-2223.

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