National Requirement Mandates That All New Cars Come With Rear-End Sensor Cameras

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Unfortunately, there has been a documented increase in the number of toddlers and small children who have been killed or seriously injured by reversing sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and other large cars, nationwide.

No matter how cautious of a driver you are, the reality is that when operating a truck, SUV or very large-sized sedan, there is a blind spot behind your car that extends about ten (10) feet outward from the bottom of your back windshield. As a result, most children under the age of eight (8) years old are basically invisible when you are reversing your vehicle. Moreover, statistics show that smaller children are less aware of and do not anticipate vehicles in reverse.

And let's face it, there is pretty much nothing worse than injuring or killing a small child. The negative psychological effects and massive amount of guilt will stick with you throughout your entire life.

For this reason, the federal government has decided to do something about the problem. In order to keep our parking lots, sidewalks and streets safer—particularly for children—the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has enacted a regulation that requiresevery new motor vehicle under 10,000 pounds (5 tons) to come equipped with rear sensor visibility technology. All car manufacturers and dealers must comply with the new regulation by May of 2018.

The required technology consists of sensors placed on the back bumper of motor vehicles that sense objects behind the car. These sensors create a “beeping” noise inside the vehicle to warn drivers of the items or individuals behind them. The technology also includes a small video camera embedded in the rear of the vehicle that projects an image on a monitor affixed to your car's dashboard – displaying what people or objects are behind you. According to the NHTSA, around 60-70 lives are expected to be saved each year by utilization of rear sensor visibility technology.

As attorneys with the Law Office of Jeremy Rosenthal who have painstakingly represented the families of children who have been injured or killed in backover car accidents, we say it's about time!

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