New Technology Makes it Safer to Share the Road with Cyclists

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Every motorist must share the road with thousands of other cars, motorcycles, cyclists, and pedestrians. That means adjusting accordingly to keep everyone safe, regardless of their chosen mode of transportation. Public roadways present obvious threats to cyclists and pedestrians, and it's up to drivers to make the road and world a safer place for them. If you were injured by a negligent driver while you were riding a bike, contact an accident lawyer to discuss your case.

Heart disease is a leading cause of death in America, and it's not a surprise given our often sedentary lifestyles. Bike riding is a heart-healthy form of exercise, recreation, and transportation. Bicycles are cost-effective to own, easy to store, quiet to operate, and environmentally friendly. Given their many benefits for our bodies and our world, cities around the country and the globe have been working to make public roadways safer and more inviting for bicyclists. This pro-bike push has given rise to some exciting new safety innovations in recent years, including Volvo's cyclist detection system, and roadways dedicated exclusively to bike riders.

In 2013, Volvo unveiled their cyclist detection system. This safety feature equips vehicles with automatic braking, and advanced mirrors, cameras, and software to allow cars and drivers to detect cyclists quickly and stop or swerve before a collision occurs. In 2012, Denmark launched the first of its “cycle super highways” – roadways that are dedicated to bike riders and include an air pump at every mile. These cyclist havens are meant to encourage Danes to commute via bicycle to Copenhagen from surrounding suburbs. City planners have already planned to build 26 such routes.

Other innovations in bicycle safety include fashionable helmets, and LED lighting systems built into bicycle wheels. These bright lights make riders more visible to cars at all hours of the day and night, and even change color as bicycles slow down so cars have a heads up. Visibility is extremely important for the safety of bike riders, as a large percentage of accidents and fatalities occur between 6 and 9 p.m.; times of low light and limited visibility.

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