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Colorado boasts some of the most impressively scenic off road trails and parks anywhere in the United States. From the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests to the Snyder and Willow Creek Trails, this part of the country has no shortage of options for rugged motorsports enthusiasts and adventure lovers. While it is certainly true that the thrilling speeds and intense terrain of off-roading may provide unlimited excitement to those who love it, that sense of fun can quickly turn tragic under certain circumstances, causing profound injuries and loss. A broad range of negligent acts and omissions can transform a day of recreation into the beginning of a lifetime of challenges. Jeremy Rosenthal has a comprehensive understanding of the types of dangers faced by off-road enthusiasts, their root causes and how to seek fair compensation for those harmed through no fault of their own.

Fundamentals of ATVs, Dirtbikes, and Other Off-Road Vehicles

Off roading encompasses a number of distinct activities and modes of transportation, with four-wheelers, dune buggies, and dirt bikes being among the most popular. These vehicles are capable of reaching high rates of speed, and when operated on rough or uneven terrain, the potential for serious injury or worse is quite real. Even products designed to incorporate advanced safety options cannot prevent sometimes life-altering harm from occurring to those who engage in sports of this nature.

With the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimating that nearly 400 deaths and more than 93,000 injuries were attributable to ATV use just during 2014, anyone who regularly rides off-road vehicles should stop and consider the dangers. Perhaps, even more, jarring is the revelation that upwards of 25 percent of all injuries connected to ATV use were suffered by kids 16 years of age and younger. It is impossible to deny that making use of off-road vehicles is a pastime that must be approached with great caution.

Typical Factors Underlying Off Road Accidents

There is a seemingly endless array of possible causes for accidents involving off-road vehicles, and it is often a challenge to determine precisely what was to blame in a given set of circumstances. Some of the more frequently seen types of off road accidents in Colorado include those caused by:

  • the absence of adult supervision when young children are riding
  • neglected or faulty maintenance of trailways
  • failure to observe state and local rules concerning off-road vehicle operation
  • tandem riding when the vehicle was not designed to accommodate more than one rider
  • ill-advised attempts at performing dangerous stunts and maneuvers
  • defectively designed or constructed helmet
  • defective vehicle or component

Considering the speed and forces at play in any off-road vehicle accident, it should come as no surprise that the sorts of injuries routinely sustained in them can be debilitating and sometimes even fatal.

Categories of Harm Sustained By Off-Road Enthusiasts

It is unfortunately quite common for those injured in off-road vehicle accidents to require emergency treatment as well as ongoing care, therapy and rehabilitation services, all of which are extremely expensive. Some of the injuries seen among off-road vehicle accident victims include things such as:

  • spinal cords damage
  • severe knee injuries
  • traumatic brain injuries
  • broken bones
  • disfigurement of the face
  • internal organ damage
  • nerve damage
  • death

Clearly, these are categories of harm from which it is difficult to swiftly heal, and it is important for victims to pursue their right to compensation when those losses are the result of another party's negligence.

Proving Fault in Off Road Accident Events

In the immediate aftermath of an off-road accident, a victim's thoughts are likely focused mainly on survival and recovery. However, it is also wise to begin an assessment of who may be to blame for what has happened. In some cases, it is possible to attribute fault to more than one party.

Perhaps an injury event was the result of another off road driver's operation of his or her vehicle while intoxicated. Negligent supervision of children using off-road vehicles may have led to the catastrophic outcome. Alternatively, poorly done maintenance or repairs to the off-road vehicles at issue may have produced the unreasonably dangerous situation ultimately responsible for the damages suffered. Particularly substantial compensation may be available when a defectively designed or manufactured product, whether the vehicle itself or other safety accessories, is revealed to be responsible.

In all cases involving an off-road vehicle accident, it will be necessary for a comprehensive investigation to be commenced so that any and all culpable parties can be identified and pursued. The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal possesses the experience, know-how, and relationships necessary to complete this stage of the process and begin fighting for every available dollar of monetary recovery.

Securing Compensation for Off Road Injuries

When active, fun-loving off-road aficionados find themselves facing serious physical, emotional and financial challenges following an accident, entire families can suffer. For this reason, it is wise for victims to consider the possibility of pursuing litigation as a way to secure the resources so crucial to their hopes of recovery. It must be noted, though, that the law does restrict the time period available for pursuing claims, so the sooner an injury attorney is consulted, the greater the chances of victory.

Attorney Jeremy Rosenthal wants off road accident victims to be aware that they may be able to receive significant sums as compensation the losses they have experienced, possibly including payment for:

  • past, present and future medical expenses
  • costs of physical therapy and other types of rehabilitation
  • home accessibility renovation costs
  • lost wages
  • reductions in future earning capacity
  • physical pain
  • emotional trauma
  • disruption to marital and other family relationships
  • funeral costs
  • lost support for remaining dependents

Pursuing Justice Following Off Road Crashes in Colorado

The popularity of outdoor adventures and off-road vehicles in Colorado cannot be overstated. Of course, it is necessary for everyone to realize that such activities can, unfortunately, be negligent acts and omissions that produce catastrophic harm. If you or someone close to you has been injured or perhaps worse in an off-road accident event, Jeremy Rosenthal stands ready to do battle on your behalf. For an initial, no-cost consultation, contact us at 303.825.2223.

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