Pedestrian Safety in Metropolitan Areas

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When you drive a car on a public road way, you share it with commuters of all types. People may be traveling in other cars, motorcycles, bicycles, or on foot. To keep everyone as safe as possible, you must drive carefully and lawfully, working to safely accommodate every person regardless of their mode of transportation. Pedestrian commuters are particularly vulnerable to serious injury when involved in an accident, so it's important to have good pedestrian safety habits whether you are traveling on foot or by car. If you've been seriously injured in a pedestrian accident, contact a Boulder personal injury attorney to discuss your case.

In the decade between 2003 and 2012, over 47,000 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents. Walking in metropolitan areas can be some of the most dangerous commuting for pedestrians. Florida houses four of the 10 most dangerous cities for pedestrian travelers, and Colorado is home to none. All of the 10 most dangerous cities for pedestrian traffic experience pedestrian commute rates under 2%. All of the 10 safest cities for pedestrian commuters experience pedestrian commute rates greater than 2%. Succinctly, cities designed for pedestrian traffic are the safest. Roads that are designed with vehicle traffic in mind are the most dangerous for anyone traveling by foot.

If you're traveling on foot, be mindful of your safety. Never take for granted that the cars around you will always follow the traffic laws. You must be your own safety advocate. The Center for Disease Control details 3 easy guidelines for maximizing safety as a pedestrian. First, do what you can to increase your visibility. When you're walking at night, wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight. Next, always cross the street at a crosswalk or intersection. Cars are most likely to be stopped here, and most likely to be aware of your presence. Finally, always walk on the sidewalk when you can. If a sidewalk is not available, walk facing traffic on the shoulder. If you are a motorist, keep your pedestrian community members safe by always being aware. Always come to a complete stop at intersections, always keep your headlights on, and reduce your speed in heavy pedestrian traffic to increase your reaction time in case of an emergency.

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