Peripheral Nerve Injuries Increasing in Prevalence Injury Litigation

Peripheral Nerve Injuries Increasing

Recent National Law Review studies indicate that peripheral nerve injuries seem to be increasingly cited in cases of personal injury. National estimates reveal that nearly 20 million individuals suffer from some variety of damage within their peripheral nerves. While many injuries are clearly apparent in auto accidents, such as wounds or fractures, peripheral nerve damages often exist covertly. Sometimes the symptoms may remain dormant for periods of several weeks. Many of these occurrences originate in accidents and reinforce the importance of retaining experienced legal counsel to prove the existence of and severity of these injuries while progressing toward a verdict or settlement.

Causes & Signs of Nerve Damage

If you are impacted in an accident, it is best to promptly seek proper medical attention. Your physician may assist you in recognizing the onset of nerve damage, and begin a course of treatment to alleviate the symptoms. When trauma occurs to the body, particularly in the regions of the neck, shoulders, and back, peripheral nerve damage may surface. Some of the signs include:

  • Generalized weakness in the region
  • Muscle numbness that may be sporadic
  • Paralysis
  • Twitching, tingling, or burning
  • Bladder-related problems
  • Sensational pain and sensitivity to touch

The degree of peripheral nerve injuries are categorized in five segments of first-degree through fifth-degree severity.

Treatment for the Condition

Based on the severity, the approach to treatment may be shifted accordingly. The overlying plan of action will focus on the improvement of muscle function through low-impact “range-of-motion” based activity. Some rehab professionals employ methods of electrical stimulation to the region of concern, while others use ultrasound radiation, which is said to aid in nerve regeneration. In Colorado’s statute outlining the training for the occupation of a physical therapist, peripheral nerve damage treatment is summarized through maximizing muscle force and endurance, as well as an activity involving joint motion.

How Nerve Injuries Impact Personal Injury Matters

Proving that nerve damage has resulted from an injury in an accident is critical. Key considerations include whether the symptoms will be temporary or permanent and if paralysis exists. For serious cases of nerve damage, the appropriate recovery for damages may include amounts to compensate for pain, suffering, anguish, and future rehab therapy. Ongoing rehabilitative therapy for nerve damage can be rather costly due to the chronic nature of the problem and the often wide-ranging types of treatment that may be necessary to experience progress.

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