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Slipping and falling in a public place is almost always an embarrassing scenario, but the fact is that it can also produce injuries that are surprisingly severe in nature. The sting of such an event can be made even worse when the harm suffered was directly caused by the failure of a property owner or manager to supervise or maintain their premises in safe condition for those permitted to enter. If you have been hurt in a slip and fall accident at a public place, shopping venue, a residential property or elsewhere, the time to explore your legal options is now. Attorney Jeremy Rosenthal is ready and willing to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the facts underlying your injury and work diligently to hold all responsible parties accountable for your losses.

Common Scenarios Leading to Slip and Fall Events

The legal realm commonly referred to as premises liability encompasses a broad array of dangerous and often preventable circumstances which can lead to debilitating slip and fall injuries. The types of situations capable of causing significant harm to unsuspecting members of the public include things such as:

  • inadequate lighting
  • crumbling or otherwise deteriorating staircases
  • lack of sufficient protective railing
  • negligent removal of snow, ice or water accumulations
  • unreasonably slippery flooring surfaces
  • stairs painted all in one color, making their navigation difficult
  • failure to warn against hidden, but known dangers

Key Factors in Slip and Fall Cases

Because slip and fall cases rely on theories of negligence, it is incumbent upon plaintiffs to establish that the defendant property owner or manager did in fact have a duty of reasonable care to the injured party. It is important to note that pursuant to Colorado law, an invitee is an individual who has been invited to visit a particular property or location, such as a restaurant or a retail shop. This relationship by nature implies that the owner has a duty to take steps in order to ensure the safety of those who visit. As such, common environments in which slip and fall claims originate include:

  • shopping centers
  • retail shops
  • supermarkets
  • restaurants
  • office buildings
  • department stores
  • sidewalks
  • school buildings
  • apartment complexes

Hazardous conditions in the above locations which are known for producing serious slip and fall injuries may include:

  • dislodged paving stones or loose gravel
  • over-polished flooring
  • cracked sidewalks
  • unsecured cabling and wires beneath rugs
  • overgrowth of branches, roots or shrubbery
  • ice-covered pathways

Establishing Liability

Plaintiffs in slip and fall cases are required to establish several elements in order to secure compensation. First, it is necessary to show that at the time in question, a condition was present on the property at issue which in fact posed unreasonable risk of harm. It must also be shown that the individual in possession of or responsible for the location did know or should have known that the risk existed. Next, the plaintiff must establish that the person responsible for the premises was negligent in failing to remedy or warn visitors of the danger. Lastly, the connection between the hazardous condition and the injuries claimed must be demonstrated.

Importance of Comparative Negligence Doctrine in Assessing Damages

Colorado injury law operates under the doctrine of comparative negligence, something which can bear significantly on the amount of compensation an injury victim is able to secure. Succinctly stated, a damage award will necessarily be reduced in proportion to the degree of responsibility the victim is deemed to have causing his or her own injury. While this does not serve as a general bar to recovery when both parties bear some of the blame, a finding of shared negligence can sometimes serve to diminish the overall amount received.

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Types of Available Compensation for Victims

The types of physical harm suffered as a result of slip and fall events can be truly staggering, ranging from minor bumps and bruises to catastrophic spinal cord damage and lasting cognitive impairment. As a result, the financial damage awards available in such cases can often be quite significant and designed to cover:

  • current, past and future medical expenses
  • costs of physical and emotional therapy
  • pain, suffering and emotional distress
  • lost employment wages
  • limitations on future earning potential
  • lasting impairment and disability
  • lost familial and marital relationships
  • disfigurement

Steps to Take Following a Slip and Fall Injury

As is often the case in personal injury matters, the actions taken in the immediate aftermath of the event itself and in subsequent days and weeks can play an important role on a victim's prospects for financial recovery. Some useful tips for those who experience a serious slip and fall accident include:

  • secure names and contact information for property owners and management
  • steer clear of making statements regarding responsibility or fault
  • speak with eyewitnesses and retain contact information
  • take photographs of accident scene and physical injuries
  • obtain all necessary medical testing and treatment
  • decline requests to make recorded statements to insurance carrier adjusters
  • contact an experienced premises liability attorney

Aggressive Pursuit of Maximum Injury Compensation

The aftermath of a slip and fall accident can be a time of great disruption, pain and upheaval, and it can be difficult for victims to know where to turn. However, it is crucial for injured individuals to realize that their time to pursue fair compensation does have limits and that swift action is essential to their chance of success. In addition, injury claims stemming from accidents that occur on government-owned property involve a series of distinct notice requirements which must be strictly observed if the right to file suit is to be maintained.

Regardless of the specifics surrounding your injury claim, attorney Jeremy Rosenthal is prepared to provide the insights, guidance and legal strategies you deserve. Whether through aggressive negotiation with insurance carriers or by taking your matter all the way to trial, he will leave no stone unturned in the fight for the resources on which your recovery and well-being rely.

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