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Dealing with a brain injury is never easy and often changes lives forever. The brain is the center of all functions in the body making a traumatic brain injury one of the scariest injuries anyone is likely to face.  If you, or someone you love, is dealing with a traumatic brain injury, get experienced legal advice as soon as possible – there are people who can help!

TBI Injury Extent

When the brain goes through a traumatic injury, it is common to have issues with other bodily functions as well. Depending on the injury, you may have a few of your physical abilities impaired, or you may experience an overall incapacitation. The extent of the injury will also affect your prognosis for recovery.

No matter the prognosis for a traumatic brain injury, you will need to have the ability to pay to receive therapy in order to get back to the shape that you were in.

How traumatic injuries work

Traumatic brain injuries are sustained due to an accident. Accidents like falls, or car accidents are the most likely to cause the brain injury. Brain injuries are some of the most touch and go injuries. Any small issue with the brain can make or break progress. Your doctors will be able to give you the best amount of information on how likely you are to heal and what you will need in order to heal.

Healing from an injury

If you have become injured as the result of an accident, you are going to need two good people in your corner – an experienced physician and top-notch legal representation. Your doctor is the person who will be able to set you up with a recovery regimen and physical therapy in order to make sure that you have the best chance at a full recovery. An experienced personal injury lawyer like the legal team at Rosenthal Law Offices can help you get the cash that you need in order to heal from the injury.

Making an injury claim

The circumstances of where or when you are injured will determine the type of claim for the most part. If you have been injured in a car accident, your lawyer can open up a claim with the other person's auto insurance company. If you were injured at work, your claim will be for workman's comp.

Hiring a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Due to your condition, it is highly suggested that you do not attempt to work through the claims process alone. As you heal, allow your attorney to open up the case for your and being to work. The sooner your lawyer gets started, the sooner you will have the money that you need to go through physical therapy to make positive life changes after your injury.

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