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Denver back injury lawyerIf you are the victim of a back injury, contact the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal for a free consultation about your claim. Our Denver back injury lawyers are skilled spinal cord injury litigators who work tirelessly to obtain the best settlement available by law.

Back injuries are complex by nature, often requiring extensive medical care and rigorous physical therapy to heal completely. The most common symptoms of back injuries include pain, spasms, swelling, cramps, strained muscles and restricted motion. Catastrophic back injuries such as a fractured vertebra, herniated discs, paralysis or spinal cord damage may require life-long medical rehabilitation as well as the skills of an experienced personal injury lawyer to provide the outcome desired.

Roughly 80% of adults will suffer back pain issues at some point in their lifetime. Common causes of back injuries include car accidents, workplace mishaps, slip and fall events, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents and pedestrian accidents.

Back Injuries May Include Multiple Regions

The back is comprised of the spinal cord, vertebrae, tendons, and muscles. Most back injuries occur in the upper back (including the neck and shoulders) or the lower back region where the largest vertebrae are located.

Back Injuries: The Facts

Back injuries can come in many forms. Some common types of injuries to a person’s back can include:

Torn Ligaments

Ligaments are a tough, flexible connecting tissue that plays a stabilizing role in various parts of your body. They connect bone to bone and hold joints together. They keep your ankles from rolling and your knees from over-extending.

Ligaments are attached to all the bones and discs in your spine. Some are short and some run the length of the spine. The ligaments support the spine and ensure that movements such as bending and twisting occur within safe ranges.

When a ligament is torn from its attachments, this is known as “torn ligament.” These occur most often in the lower back. They can be caused by heavy lifting are thus a common workplace injury. Symptoms include chronic pain and muscle spasms. Torn ligaments can require an extended healing period.

Herniated Discs

More than 3 million people experience a herniated disc each year. A spinal disk is a rubbery cushion that sits between the vertebrae that make up your back as a sort of shock absorber. Each disc has a soft inner layer and a harder outer layer.

A tear or weakness in the disc can cause fluid from the inner layer to leak into the spinal canal. The result? Pressure on nerves that causes discomfort, pain and other physical problems.

A herniated disc can be caused by trauma, or by repeated lifting. Therapy, medication, lifestyle changes and even surgery may be required to bring relief.

Crushed Vertebrae

A hard fall, a car accident or other sudden, forceful injury can cause a vertebra to fracture. These are also referred to as “compression fractures,” reflecting the fact that too much pressure has been placed on the bone.

In some cases, these injuries can cause permanent changes in the strength and the shape of the spine. Treatment can include pain medication, braces, reduced activity and, in in many cases, surgery with an uncertain outcome.

Fractured Spine

Spinal fractures, caused by trauma, are serious injuries to the skeletal system. They can be caused by high-velocity accidents such as motor vehicle crashes, falls from height or sporting accidents. If the upper body is pulled forward forcefully in an accident while the pelvis is held in place by a seatbelt, this can cause what is known as a “chance fracture.”

Trauma that causes a fracture in the neck can have especially serious consequences because of the potential for damage to the spinal cord. Braces and rehabilitation can help many with these injuries, but if a fracture is unstable or nerve damage is too great, surgery may be required, or the person may be left with physical disabilities, including paralysis.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can range from a dull ache to a pain that is so severe that attempting to stand or walking can be agonizing. It can last for a few days, or weeks, or persist for months without responding to treatment.

Trauma, such as a car accident or fall, can cause damage that leads to chronic back pain. Stretching and strengthening muscles may bring relief. Behavior changes, pain medication and even surgery may be necessary.

If a back injury fails to heal completely or creates a permanent loss of mobility, pain management solutions and additional resources will be included in our settlement negotiations to mitigate any future complications that might arise.

Back Injury Lawyer in Denver, Colorado

Back injury claims can take a long time to resolve since many variables must be scrutinized throughout the investigation. The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal staffs experienced back injury attorneys with vast knowledge of the medical and emotional care victims require. Proper steps must be followed to ensure your rights are protected like determining all causes of the injury and the extent the injuries have impacted your daily life.

We will also want to interview any witnesses involved to confirm their testimony while gathering evidence that will be critical to your defense strategy. The sooner you decide to get us involved as legal counsel, the quicker we get to work on your behalf.

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