Pregnant Colorado Springs Woman Undergoes C-Section after Being Hit by Speeding Teens

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Reckless driving endangers thousands every year. Unfortunately, sometimes drivers fail to understand their responsibility when the get behind the wheel and choose to put others at risk. For example, in Utah this month, two cars may have been racing when one of them crossed the median and struck the Chevy Impala of a pregnant woman who was driving in the opposite direction.

The 32 year old, Amy Wilson is from Colorado Springs and was on her way into Salt Lake City when she was hit by a teenager from West High School. Two teenagers in the speeding car died while the driver, 18, was taken to the hospital in critical condition. A local business surveillance camera caught video of them speeding with a third car just before the fatal crash transpired, leading investigators to believe that the two cars were engaged in recreational speed racing.

Wilson is still in recovery. She was taken to the hospital, where the baby was delivered through cesarean section early, at 34 weeks. The baby was delivered “without a heartbeat and received CPR for 11 minutes before she started breathing again.” The baby was 6 lbs 15 oz and doctors are unsure whether or not the baby sustained any brain injuries from the trauma she underwent. Wilson herself had to undergo extensive surgery, including the removal of a kidney and her spleen, and reparations of a crushed pelvis. She also had surgery on her knee.

Amy's husband, Kyle, rushed to the airport to fly in from Colorado Springs when he heard news of the accident and was told that his wife was in critical condition. When he passed through airport security on the way to Utah, his phone rang again. He told the Deseret News in Utah, “I thought, 'I should take that,' and one of the nurses told me, 'Did they tell you your baby's been born?' I said 'no,' and I started tearing up. It was a joy. I was so happy.'"

Kyle says that the support from the local community has been overwhelming. Amy's brother set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs of the medical bills, and many people have reached out in support. He is waiting for his wife to recover enough to help him pick out a name for their new baby. While the mother is still in critical condition, Amy's doctor, Dr. Simmonds, says that Kyle “held her hand and said, 'Amy, if you hear me, squeeze my hand,' and [she squeezed his] hand. So there's definitely hope that she's gonna be recovering."

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