Protecting Child Athletes from Injury

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Protecting child athletes from injury

Extracurricular activities are an important part of childhood. Team sports can teach kids many important skills, including socialization, collaboration, discipline, and accountability. Sports provide much needed physical activity in an increasingly sedentary culture, and give structure to young people through the turbulent years of adolescence. However, sports, especially contact sports, can be dangerous for participants of all ages. If your child has been injured while participating in an extracurricular sporting activity, contact a personal injury lawyer.

According to a study released in the Journal of Pediatrics, almost 150,000 people age 18 and younger are treated for concussions every year. These serious head injuries often occur in football, hockey, soccer, and wrestling, and are more likely to happen to male athletes than female. Mounting evidence links concussions with a variety of long-term health consequences, including loss of memory, increased risk of suicide, and increased risk of other cognitive disorders. One point of particular danger is that concussion symptoms generally dissipate quickly. This means that a child may suffer a head injury, rebound, and then return to a sporting event “which over taxes their injured brain.” Make safety a priority by learning about the symptoms of a concussion. If your child displays any of them after suffering a blow to the head, do not let them return to a sporting event before being checked out and cleared to play by a qualified physician.

Traumatic brain injuries are not the only risk of sports. Minimize the risk of injury to your young athletes by making sure they are properly trained to participate in the sport of their choice. When a young person does not know how to play a sport, they're more likely to hurt themselves or be hurt by someone else. Be sure your child wears all of the proper equipment and that it is in good repair. Make sure your child understands the importance of staying hydrated during strenuous physical activity. Make sure water is easily accessible to every child athlete, and each player drinks an appropriate amount during game time.

If your child has been injured while participating in sports, contact a Boulder sports injury lawyer to discuss your case. The Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal specializes in personal injury litigation, and has over a decade of experience and success. Call today at 303-825-2223 to schedule your consultation.

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