Rabies in Colorado Bats

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Colorado is famous for its abundant natural beauty, but the natural world can be dangerous as well. This past summer, health officials reported that some Colorado Springs bats tested positive for rabies. Rabies is a deadly virus and can be transmitted to humans through an animal bite. If you've been injured after being bitten by a dog or other animal, contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss your case.

In July, officials in northeast Colorado Springs found a bat that tested positive for rabies. It was the first rabies positive bat found in El Paso County so far in 2015. In 2014, 10 infected bats were found. In late August, Bayfield Coloradoofficials reported finding two rabid bats as well as suspected exposure to a domestic animal.

Rabies is a deadly virus transmitted through wounds. It attacks the central nervous system. Rabies is almost always deadly after the onset of symptoms. Humans who may have been exposed to rabies should seek immediate medical attention and receive prophylactic vaccinations to stop the spread of the virus. According to the World Health Organization, “in more than 99% of all cases of human rabies, the virus is transmitted via dogs.”

Protect yourself, your pets, and your community from the rabies virus by following simple safety precautions. Make sure your pets receive routine veterinary care, including annual rabies vaccinations to inoculate them in case they are bitten by a rabid animal. Never approach or handle a wild animal. If you see a dead or dying animal, stay away from it and call local officials to dispose of it properly. Do not feed wild animals in your community. Since bats are common carriers of the rabies virus, do your best to keep them out of your home. Experts suggest keeping doors and windows closed, making sure window screens do not have holes, and “making sure all [attic] vents are properly screened.”

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