Road Rash 101: Why This Common Motorcycle Injury Can Be A Big Deal

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Most motorcyclists who have been in an accident experience some form of road rash. Due to how common road rash is, you may think you can simply brush off the accident and ignore your injuries.

However, road rash can be extremely serious and cause lasting harm if not adequately treated. In addition, if your injury is the result of an accident caused by another's negligence, don't assume that a common injury like road rash means you are not entitled to file a lawsuit for damages.

Road Rash Can Be A Big Deal 

Medically, road rash injuries are classified by degrees – like a burn. Because it does not break the skin, “first degree” road rash is the least serious. On the other hand, “second degree” and “third degree” road rash injuries are serious because they break the skin and can lead to a major infection if not treated properly.

With a second degree injury, the friction of skin contact on the road scrapes off the outer layers of skin. Dirt and gravel can get jammed inside the wound and must be cleaned out to avoid infection.

As you may have guessed, third degree road rash is the most serious type of injury, and occurs when your wound so deep that a layer of fat is exposed underneath the skin. Third degree road rash should be treated by a physician as soon as possible to avoid complications and serious infection.

If second and third degree road rash is not adequately treated, permanent tissue damage and scaring can result. There is also the possibility of permanent nerve and muscle damage if the injury does not heal properly.

Due to the serious and lasting effects of road rash, you should always seek medical attention following a motorcycle injury – even if you believe your wound(s) is not serious .You should never assume that road rash will heal on its own or that you cleaned your skin thoroughly enough.

Consider A Lawsuit

No matter what the degree, road rash injuries can take weeks and even months to heal. Medical treatment for your injuries can be ongoing and expensive. And worse – your insurance company may deny coverage.

For this reason, you should always consult with a personal injury attorney who has dealt with motorcycle injuries before negotiating with the insurance company. Your attorney will ensue that your injuries are diagnosed properly and will fight to get you the compensation you need to recover from your injuries.

The experienced personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Jeremy Rosenthal believe that someone else's negligence is not your financial burden. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you need compensation to cover your medical bills as well as pain and suffering. The lawyers at the Law Office of Jeremy Rosenthal fight for people injured in motorcycle accidents, and will protect your rights.

Our attorneys offer free consultations for injured people. To set up your appointment, call (303) 825-2223 today or visit us online.

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