Safety Gear Every Motorcyclist Should Have

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Every year, close to 100 riders lose their lives in a fatal motorcycle accident in Colorado and thousands more are moderately to severely injured. Many of these injuries could be prevented or minimized by wearing a helmet, which seems like a no brainer. However, there is other protective gear that every motorcyclist should wear or have with them when riding. This equipment can prevent road rash and other serious injuries typically sustained in motorcycle accidents.

Protective Eyewear

Under Colorado law, all motorcycle drivers and their passengers must wear protective eyewear. Aside from ensuring no debris, rain or insects get into your eyes, goggles or protective glasses will prevent the degradation of your eyesight caused by windblasts and dirt accumulation in the eyes. Moreover; in the event of a collision, protective eyewear can greatly reduce your chances of seriously injuring your eyes.

Heavy Jacket

One of the most common motorcycle injuries is skin abrasions or road rash. While road rash runs the gamut from minor to severe, this type of injury can be serious and permanent. For this reason, you should always make sure to wear a jacket and riding pants made from material strong enough to protect your skin in the event you are thrown from your motorcycle.

Jackets that provide the best protection are usually made from leather, and contain stiff armor plates and soft padding to absorb the impact of your collision. The armoring should cover your shoulders, elbows and spine as these areas are the most vulnerable in an accident. You should also consider purchasing a brightly colored jacket or one with reflectors on it so other motorists can see you easily.

Similarly, proper motorcycle pants are a necessity while riding. Adequate pants will also contain armoring over your hips, waist and knees to prevent road rash and other serious injuries.

Riding Boots

Never underestimate the importance of a good pair of boots. Not only will your boots protect you from road rash, they can ensure your feet and ankles are not burned from the heat of the motorcycle's engine. The best pair of riding boots will be made of quality leather and should completely cover your ankles. You should also look for boots that are gas/oil resistant and have good traction.


You may have noticed a trend, here, which is to cover as much skin on your body as possible while riding. This includes your hands. Accordingly, you should always wear gloves when riding a motorcycle. Aside from protecting your hands from road rash, gloves will keep your hands dry while riding. This will increase your ability to maneuver your motorcycle and make your overall ride more comfortable. Proper gloves should have traction on the fingertip and some sort of armoring or plating on the palms and knuckles to minimize or prevent serious hand injuries.

In addition to a good motorcycle helmet, use of the above safety items can greatly reduce your chances of sustaining major injuries in the event of an accident and can enhance your ability to operate your bike safely.

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