Samsung Develops “Invisible” Truck Technology To Keep Motorists Who Drive Behind Large Trucks Safe

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For many of us, there is nothing scarier than sharing the road with an enormous semi-truck, particularly on a two-lane highway (one lane in either direction). You want to pass this beast; but at the same time, you cannot see what's happening ahead of the truck and in the lane next to you. So you make that subtle and timid peek into the lane of oncoming traffic next to you, and then put the pedal-to-the metal and white-knuckle it for a few moments to overtake the massive vehicle.

Well, thanks to technology guru Samsung Electronics, driving behind large trucks and commercial vehicles just got a little easier with the advent of “invisible” truck technology.

In reality, of course, no truck is invisible. Quite the opposite is true. However, by adding technology to large trucks and 18-wheelers, Samsung has enabled drivers riding behind trucks to see exactly what the truck driver sees. Here's how it works:

A wireless camera is affixed to the front of the truck. The camera then projects a live feed to four (4) enormous monitors/screens that are affixed to the back of the truck. This way, motorists behind the truck can see the traffic conditions up ahead, as well as any vehicles traveling in front and alongside the truck so they can safely determine when to pass, if they will need to brake suddenly and/or if other, quick driving decisions need to be made. Here is a picture of Samsung's Safety Truck.

As of now, Samsung has only released a prototype of their Safety Truck on the roads of Argentina. However, given the statistics on how dangerous car accidents with large trucks can be, we can only hope that the Safety Truck technology will be made commercially available at an affordable cost here in the United States in the near future.

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