Simple Facts Everyone Should Know About Insurance Claims Adjusters

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If you've been involved in a car accident, the odds are good that you will need to speak with at least one insurance claims adjuster to report your collision and make a claim for damages. However, there are a few things you should know about most, if not all insurance adjusters before you make that call.

Insurance Claims Adjusters Don't Have Your Back

No matter how friendly your insurance claims adjusters seems over the phone, the reality is that they don't have your back. As an employee of your insurance company, the claims adjuster is looking out for the insurance company's best interests – which is the bottom line of the company. This means that the claims adjuster is concerned with saving the company as much money as possible, which typically involves undervaluing or denying your insurance claim. In fact, insurance claims adjusters are highly trained by the companies they work for to do what's best for the company – not you.

Insurance Claims Adjusters Are Trained To Be Your Friend

Your insurance claims adjuster is also trained on how to appear to be your friend. This is important to the insurance company, because they want you to like your claims adjuster so you are more willing to take a settlement and/or avoid hiring an attorney to represent you. Don't fall victim to this strategy. You should always hire a qualified personal injury attorney, like those at the Law Office of Jeremy Rosenthal, to represent you – which includes dealing with the insurance company on your behalf.

Insurance Claims Adjusters Are Trained To Low-Ball Your Claim

Also included in your claims adjuster's training is how to low-ball or minimize the amount they pay you for your insurance claim. Typically, claims adjusters have a dollar range for the settlement they are going to offer you, and their initial offer will almost always be at the lower end. Further, claims adjusters are trained to manipulate you in order to convince you to accept their low-ball offer(s).

Insurance Claims Adjusters Want Quick Settlements

Claims adjusters want to persuade you to accept a settlement offer early, even before all of your injuries are diagnosed. They do so for two (2) reasons. First, by executing a settlement early before you have discovered all your injuries, claims adjusters can avoid paying you for all the damages you actually incurred (medical bills for treatment). Second, by settling early, claims adjusters can move your claim off of their desks and get you to agree to a low-ball settlement amount.

As you can see, insurance claims adjusters are NOT your friends. You should be cautious when speaking with any claims adjuster, and consult with a personal injury attorney before doing so.

You should always hire a personal injury attorney that knows the law in your jurisdiction to handle your car accident case. The experienced personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Jeremy Rosenthal offer free consultations to all injured people and their families. Our attorneys will evaluate your case, and let you know what your legal options are – whether that means a negotiated settlement or a personal injury lawsuit.

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