5 Tips For Avoiding A Winter Car Accident

5 Tips For Avoiding


Not only can collisions cause damage to your vehicle and personal injury, even a relatively minor fender bender can ruin your day. While inclement weather like snow and ice may be a common contributing factor in Colorado accidents, you may be surprised to know that the majority of crashes are caused by poor driving and inattentive drivers. Before you and your loved ones get behind the wheel, here are five easy tips to remember that can help you prevent a car accident.

1. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Over 30% of all Colorado car accidents are caused by the carelessness of inattentive and distracted motorists. While it is important to focus on the roadway ahead of you, you should also always be aware of what’s to your left, right and even behind you while driving. Pedestrians and cyclists are sometimes hard to see while driving and they can come out of nowhere, be wary of motorcyclists who often try to lane split, and also take note of the tailgater or traffic accidents around you. If you do this, you will be better able to take evasive action and avoid an accident.

2. Avoid the “Fast Lane”

Many motorists can easily become uncomfortable when driving in the “fast” or passing lane. How many times have you ben tailgated in the passing lane, with the driver behind you trying to force you to drive faster – often times well above the speed limit? Even if you are comfortable with driving in the fast lane, consider avoiding it due to the recklessness or careless driving of other motorists. Also, if you drive in the center lane(s), you will provide yourself with more escape routes if you need to avoid a collision up ahead.

3. Judge Surrounding Cars By Their Appearance

While we’ve all been told not to judge a book by its cover, you should judge cars sharing the roadway by their appearance. If you observe that a driver’s car is not in such a great condition (the car has many dents, possibly the taillights are held to the vehicle by tape or there is a garbage bag for a window), this can be a good indication that the driver of the vehicle is careless or simply a poor driver. Accordingly, you should try to avoid driving near this driver or attempt to leave additional distance between their vehicle and yours.

4. Properly Maintain Your Own Vehicle

You must also keep your own vehicle properly maintained. If your brake lights are not functioning right, the person driving behind you may not realize you are stopping which can cause a rear-end collision. Likewise, always ensure that your brakes and brake pads are regularly inspected. Obviously, if you are unable to stop your vehicle you will cause a collision that could end-up injuring or even killing others. In addition, you should make sure that your tires are rotated and that they have enough tread, and that your oil is regularly changed.

5. Know Your Own Vehicle

Finally, you should always be familiar with the nuances of your own vehicle. Different vehicle makes, models and sizes come with different blind spots, acceleration rates and stopping times. By familiarizing yourself with the car you choose to drive, you will be better able to take evasive measures and avoid an accident in the event of an emergency.

Simply following these easy tips will go a long way in helping you avoid an accident on the road – keeping you, your passengers and other motorists safe.

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