Snowmobile Accidents in Denver


With its scenic vistas and majestic mountains, there can be no doubt about Colorado's status as a true playground for outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes. Snowmobile riders find the state's offerings especially appealing, with thousands taking full advantage of the trails, pathways, and expansive terrain. It must be noted, however, that operation of these machines is not without risk, and an unfortunate number of individuals sustain serious injury or worse each and every year. If you or a family member are among those who have suffered significant harm in a snowmobile accident, attorney Jeremy Rosenthal can aid in your quest for fair financial compensation.

Key Factors in Snowmobile Accidents

With proper operation and adherence to safe riding recommendations, snowmobile aficionados can expect to enjoy fun-filled hours of winter exploration. However, when unexpected events arise, snowmobile riding can also be extremely hazardous, sometimes even deadly. Negligent driving, poorly maintained trailways, and defects in the design or manufacture of the machines themselves can all lead to devastating crashes and extraordinary loss. Among the most common contributors to snowmobile collisions are:

  • nighttime operation where reduced visibility or malfunctioning head or tail lights lead to disaster
  • driver intoxication due to excessive use of drugs or alcohol
  • excessive speed which prevents timely evasive action and produces a lack of control
  • product defects leading to catastrophic equipment failure

Common Snowmobile Accident Injuries

Given the speed at which snowmobiles are frequently driven and the sharp turns drivers often attempt to negotiate, it stands to reason that the injuries ultimately sustained in accidents can be quite severe. All too common are crush injuries that result when legs, feet, arms or hands become trapped between the machine and the ground. Other injuries potentially suffered by snowmobile operators and passengers include:

  • spinal cord damage/paralysis
  • traumatic brain injury
  • internal organ damage
  • deep lacerations
  • death

Pursuing Financial Compensation and Accountability

Whether the product of another driver's negligence or a defectively manufactured machine, snowmobile accidents have the potential to leave victims with profound injuries and sometimes lasting disability. Therefore, it is incumbent upon all such individuals to obtain the assistance of a Colorado snowmobile accident lawyer who will aggressively seek the financial compensation they deserve, which may include damage recovery encompassing lost wages, diminished earning potential, medical costs, therapy expenses, pain, suffering, emotional distress and more. In cases of fatality, family members may be able to receive payment for things such as funeral expenses, loss of financial support for dependents and loss of emotional support and companionship.

Advocating for the Rights of Snowmobile Accident Victims

When a day of sports and recreation takes a tragic turn, filing a lawsuit may be the furthest thing from a victim's mind. However, because of the financial toll snowmobile accidents can take on the lives of those they affect, the help of a Colorado injury lawyer can, in fact, prove invaluable. If you would like to learn more about how attorney Jeremy Rosenthal can assist your family in seeking the monetary resources necessary for healing, contact our firm at 303-825-2223.

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