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Nobody ever leaves their home expecting to be involved in a serious injury accident while traveling on Colorado’s roads, but the fact of the matter is that crashes of this nature occur each and every day, leaving victims to pick up the pieces and pursue fair financial compensation. A crucial element of this post-accident process is the necessary interaction with the at-fault driver’s insurance company and the adjusters it employs. Though the time period immediately following a car accident can be rife with confusion and frustration, the initial conversation with an insurance adjuster must be treated seriously and care must be taken to avoid making critical missteps that can compromise any damage claim. Denver personal injury attorney Jeremy Rosenthal routinely advises clients on how to navigate conversations of this type and stands ready to assume the job of fighting for maximum compensation.

The Claims Adjuster’s Role

In order to engage in effective discussions with insurance adjusters, it is important for injury victims to understand the motivations that drive them. The primary role of an insurance adjuster is to quickly settle claim files and minimize payouts to the greatest extent possible. As as result, they spend a great deal of time assembling documentation relevant to their assigned files and searching for reasons to reduce or deny payments to claimants. Engaging in talks with the injured party is one method used by adjusters to piece together a narrative which would enable the claim to settle for less than the victim may be actually entitled. For this reason, it is incumbent upon claimants to proceed with great caution when engaging in any such discussions.

Effective Communication with Adjusters

There is a wide range of potentially damaging missteps an accident victim can make when speaking with a claims adjuster early on in the claims process, and it is highly advisable for such individuals to carefully consider what should and should not be said. It can be incredibly helpful to have the assistance of an attorney very early on in this process, as adjusters can even attempt to question victims while they are receiving medical care and/or under the influence of serious medication. Some of the most valuable tips for speaking with a claims adjuster during the preliminary stage of a case include:

  • maintain a cooperative, polite tone throughout
  • obtain detailed information such as the name, address, telephone number and other contact information for the adjuster
  • provide only very basic personal information, such as your name, address and telephone number, declining to discuss work duties, income level, etc.
  • avoid discussing specific details of the injuries sustained
  • do not provide a recorded statement describing the accident itself
  • do make it clear that there is little chance of an immediate settlement before the full scope of the damage is known
  • make the adjuster aware that you are considering hiring an attorney should negotiations stall

Enlisting the Aid of an Attorney

Because the process of obtaining appropriate compensation from an at-fault driver’s insurance carrier is regularly characterized by difficulties, delays, and adversarial negotiations, the best course of action is often to secure the assistance of a seasoned auto accident attorney who understands the ins and outs of effective dealings with adjusters. Jeremy Rosenthal will work diligently to amass all documentation relevant to your claim, including accident reports, witness statements, medical records, treatment notes and wage loss data to maximize your chances of securing the monetary payout you deserve.

Shouldering the Load for Colorado Injury Victims

At the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal, we understand the tremendous stress and strain that serious auto accidents typically yield. That is why we are prepared to do the heavy lifting on behalf of Colorado’s injured by conducting thorough investigations and aligning with medical experts as well as economic loss analysts to build a comprehensive claim file for each client served. To discover the many ways in which we can ease your burden during a time of crisis, contact us at 303.825.2223.

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