The Top Ten Global Causes for Liability Action

The Top Ten Global

A new study by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty suggests that the environment for risk is in a constant transition with the emergence of new potential liabilities. As technology continues to evolve, new scenarios which can produce tremendous liability begin to surface. Their report examined liability insurance claims in over 100 countries in many industry sectors. In the last five-year span, insurers doled out an estimated $9.3 billion for such claims, over 80% were attributed to ten areas of concern.

Top Ten Causes for Liability Action

Defective Products or Work

The largest cause of losses is associated with dangerous or defective products, or poor workmanship in building, assembling, or recognizing potential hazards. These account for roughly 23% of claims and cost an average of $280,000 when the costs of recalling products are factored in. Continued liability issues involving the auto and aviation industries are two which seem to persist.


Despite the increases in public safety awareness, advancements in accident prevention technology and crash-specific safety products, auto collisions still account for about 22% of losses. A contributing factor here is likely the many distracted driving related crashes involving operator usage of mobile devices that largely go unreported.

Basic Human Errors

Many simple failures in human error still account for approximately 19% of losses. Some examples include failing to use required safety gear, mistakes in operating equipment, and not adhering to procedure.

Accidental Nature/Damage

These types of calamities may include an injury while exiting a building in response to a fire alarm, or when a pipe bursts causing damage.

Slip-and-Fall or Objects Falling

The U.S. is the leader in the world for both the volume and value of claims. The U.S. style lawsuit processes and compensation have shown to be spreading to other countries.

Caused by Water, Fire, or Smoke

These are rather common situations that may have reactionary consequences, such as an industrial piece of machinery overheats and starts a blaze. The fire creates smoke that is toxic to breathe which is being blown by the wind into an adjacent high-rise building exclusively for seniors. Massive amounts of water are necessary to contain and extinguish the blaze. This water now contains dangerous chemicals and is flowing downhill into a reservoir serving as a source for drinking water.

Environmentally-Based Damage

An example would be a semi-truck containing hazardous chemicals is involved in a high-speed accident spilling its contents.

Natural Hazardous Conditions

These conditions may stem from events involving lightning, wildfires, or high speed crashes involving deer.

Acts of Terrorism & Vandalism

Terrorist type activities are gradually becoming more sophisticated and designed to be more catastrophic in nature.

Property Damages

Problems such as massive mudslides, although significantly less common, can have severe consequences.

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