The Time Involved Settling Car Accident Claims

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Claims settlement process timeline

How long does the car accident claims process take in a car accident that includes injuries?

This is a common question prospective clients ask in their initial consultations and one that can only be answered with the disappointing: “it depends”. The reason “it depends” is that it's hard to state precisely how long a car accident settlement with injuries will take to fully resolve. There are multiple factors to consider like:

  1. What type of injuries were involved? Common car accident injuries like broken bones, lacerations or strained muscles usually heal according to expectations but more severe injuries like paralysis or loss of limb require much more consideration regarding settlement outcomes.
  2. What type of rehabilitation is expected? With such a wide range of car accident injuries possible, the aftermath and rehabilitation can be a major factor in the settlement process. When this is the case, the claims process may extend months or if no agreement can be reached, forced into a trial for a jury to decide.
  3. Are Pain and Suffering damages part of the claim? Pain and suffering are often involved in car accident injury claims, but rarely are these variables immediately agreed upon between the victim and the insured. Delays here often end in a stalemate where there's no choice but to take the claim to trial by jury.
  4. What insurance coverage is involved? If there are coverage issues with the insurance companies involved, this can also impact the length a claim may take to fully process. When parties decide to pursue parties outside the insurance policies involved, this additional litigation can stall the final claim for months, years or in extreme cases, decades.
  5. Who is responsible for the accident? The final question could easily have been the first question because when fault for a car accident is undetermined, the battle to establish who's responsible for the damages in the first place can be the biggest stalling variable of all. When multiple parties are involved, this process can extend even longer.

Knowing which variables can slow the car accident claims process down, when injuries are involved, may help you determine the expected timeframe for your car accident claim.

Feeling Unsure About Your Car Accident Claim?

As you might expect, there are so many variables when injuries are involved in a car accident that estimating the length of any such claim isn't doable by following a handy guide. Any one of these elements can slow down the claims process (and this isn't a comprehensive list by any means).

The only way of truly knowing the value of your claim is to speak with a car accident lawyer about everything involved.

Pick up the phone and call attorney Jeremy Rosenthal today at 303-825-2223 and you and he can talk, in real dollars, the expected value of your car accident claim. Attorney Rosenthal is happy to discuss what dollar figure you should establish when evaluating your car accident claim's value immediately unlike other attorneys who want you to hire them before real dollars are discussed.

See the difference an experienced trial attorney makes for your bottom line and contact Jeremy Rosenthal today at 303-825-2223.

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