Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe In The Car

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Late last year, Denver CBS 4 aired a segment asking drivers to be safe while traveling with their pets. Though most of us don't consider placing our four-legged friends in crates when taking a ride to the supermarket or to pick-up the kids from school, the reality is that your failure to do so can result in a car accident, as well as injury to you, your pet or worse – the death of your pet.

The news report focused predominantly on a series of crash tests performed by the Center for Pet Safety. The results of these tests revealed that none of the four (4) leading dog crates (with harnesses) available to the public completely protected pets from injury. Rather, the opposite is true. These studies demonstrated that your dog could be seriously, even fatally, injured in a car accident and you may be as well. Upon collision, most of the stuffed animal dogs used in the crash tests were thrown around the vehicle – including into passengers and the driver.

After noting that the Gunner Kennels, G1 Intermediate crate with eight-foot Tie Down Straps performed the best during the study because it retained its structural integrity and fully contained the stuffed animal dog; the news piece explained why the majority of crates on the market fail to hold-up in a collision. The truth is, there is no formal testing protocol or performance standards used on dog restraints and crates prior to their mass manufacture, distribution and sale. The absence of any intelligible standards or protocols clearly poses a risk to your pet(s). Accordingly, the Center for Pet Safety has urged the dog crate industry to develop them.

In addition to the safety issues surrounding dog crates and carriers that can lead to the injury or death of your pet(s), motorists need to be aware of the risks of driving with pets that are unrestrained. If your dog gets excited and decides to jump in your face or on your arms while you are driving, or thrashes around the backseat such that you need to take your eyes off of the road to calm them down, this can cause a major car accident. In fact, this is exactly what happened to world-renowned author Stephen King in 1999, who was nearly killed when a driver attempting to care for his dog lost control of his vehicle and collided with King.

The moral of the story is that if you insist on driving with your dog, always remember to crate them so that they have the chance of suffering little to no injury in the event of a collision. If you do not own a crate, then consider purchasing one or leaving man's best friend at home. Dog ownership may be a way of life for many, but driving with them unrestrained may cost you yours, as well as your pet's.

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