Wave of Injuries Involving Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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Samsung, a multi-national organization that produces the popular Android model smartphones, is undergoing a major recall effort amid a rash of injuries and other damage claims. Samsung announced a recall on the product in early September, merely acknowledging “some general concerns” with the charging system. Additionally, they began offering replacement units effective September 21st.

A recent report from the Denver Post indicates that U.S. government's formal recall on this device allows for them to exercise a few options, such as making it illegal to continue to sell these phones and to not allow them for use on airplanes. Several airlines, including Delta, have been broadcasting before takeoff that the Note 7 cannot be charged or used during their flights due to the possibility of an explosion. The recall involves the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units sold prior to September 15, which is when they halted all sales. Those who own one have two options: exchange their current Note 7 for a new one, or simply be refunded. U.S. officials indicated that over 90% of the units sold throughout the US are eligible for the recall or refund.

Injuries and Damage

  • A WHIO story tells us that a Note 7 owner named Jonathan Strobel, suffered severe 2nd-degree burns on both his thigh and on one thumb when the unit exploded. Shortly after the incident, Strobel received a message from Samsung warning him to deactivate the phone due to the possibility of overheating.Mr. Stobel is seeking damages of $15,000 for injury compensation.
  • A story from Android Headlines discusses a filing in the Superior Court of New Jersey where a Galaxy S7 detonated in the owner's pocket and caused injuries, namely 2nd and 3rd-degree burns. This exploding episode is stated to have occurred in May. Daniel Ramirez says while at work with the smartphone in his front right pants pocket, the unit made unusual sounds and vibrated before it then exploded, catching fire while in his pocket.
  • According to the Washington Post, Port St. Lucie Florida police responded to a car on fire in a neighborhood. The vehicle was ablaze and the driver, who was unharmed, said he'd been charging his Samsung 7 smartphone when a fire began. The authorities are investigating further.

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